Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Keeping up with the Fatwa's

One days it's the veil with a slit for only one eye and killing Mickey Mouse. The next day "it's banning engaged men from viewing photos of their fiancees online... for fear that other surfers would be able to see them before they are married." How do you keep up with all the fatwa's? Especially when they are changed on a day-to-day basis? The man banning engaged men from viewing their betrothed is the same man who previously issued a fatwa that permitted "couples to view each other via instant messaging programs, stating that this was preferable to home visits."*

I tried to find a source for fatwa's on-line - a source one could go to to get updates on what is and isn't allowed. There are plenty of sites out there. There is, apparently, a fatwa for just about everything. And, by "everything," I mean things that I, personally, have not even given a mere inkling to. Here is an example. [Warning: probably not safe for work.] I found one about "touching a woman," it certainly explains the reluctance of Mr. Security shaking my hand a week or so ago. Oops. My bad.

*Borrowed from the guy who "scours the bowels of the internet so you don't have to." Thanks, WZ!


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