Monday, October 13, 2008

Lots, Locally...

Two more Saudis were beheaded on Sunday; one for imprisoning, beating and killing a man, and the other for shooting a man. As much as I believe that "executing" criminals by beheading them is barbaric and primitive, and would much prefer something less so, such as lethal injection, this Country sets and example of how to deal with crime. I do not mean the legal system itself, here, per se. But instead, the severity of punishments that are meted out which, in my opinion, serve as a deterrent.

When the sign that "welcomes" visitors crossing the border from one country to here clearly says, "Drug Smugglers will be Executed" why do so many take the risk of being caught?

Interesting that there are 1,300 Pakistanis being held in jails here for a variety of reasons - most less than major crimes. According to this, "40 percent of the cases involved forged documents." Why would someone need a "forged document?" Perhaps because navigating the system, here, can seem so daunting and fraught with "red tape" it is overwhelming. [The former Houseboy I want to re-hire has been without his Iqama for over a month now. Can someone tell me why getting "documents" has to be so difficult?!?] Others that are languishing in jail are there for theft, "disputes with sponsors, traffic accidents, and drug trafficking." We know how drug traffickers are dealt with. However, throwing someone in jail because he has a "dispute" with his sponsor seems to me is a tad controversial and biased.

More crime... An Ethiopian has been detained for having "a suspiciously large amount of money in his possession." Three Bangladeshis have been arrested for robbing an old man "and stealing SR30,000" [$8,042.89]. And, two "criminals" are on the lam: A Sri Lankan driver has "disappeared with his truck-load of milk," and a Filipina housemaid who "stole money and jewelry from her sponsor."

There is a 14 year-old girl laying in a hospital bed fighting for her life because her father has allegedly "tortured" her. Yeah. "She was in a coma and was covered with bruises and had first-degree burns on her body. No part of her body is free from some injuries or marks of beating or other forms of torture." The father has been arrested and police are investigating whether the stepmother should be considered an accomplice. If it is determined that the stepmother was involved, Lady Tremaine will seem sugary sweet in comparison.

Population control Road carnage. Four dead. Four injured.

Finally, this. It is just sad and illustrates the societal injustices here in the Sandbox. A Turkish man, involved in a "dispute with his sponsor," was unable to attend his own Mother's funeral! The article is not short - but definitely worth reading for an understanding of how the "system" operates, here, and the mentality of one such company to resolve labor "disputes." When asked by Arab News about the matter, the company's owner said, "The case is now in the Court of Grievances and in the Labor Office. I have nothing further to say or add. Why do you care about this anyway?" And, that, in my humble opinion, speaks volumes...


  1. Obiously the daughter did not agree to be sold and had to be taught? Not used to the ways of the country.

  2. Now she knows!.

  3. Oh, yeah, Anonymous. That'll teach her!


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