Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Deportation, Divorce and Dogs

No indication, but for one, of what these 400 Indian expats did that they are in jail awaiting deportation. In the single instance described, an unidentified man says that he ended up in the deportation center because his visa agent cheated him. [You don't honestly think that the visa agent is sitting in jail somewhere, for fraud or whatever he did to cheat someone out of a visa, do you?] Imagine the outcry that would be heard the world-over if there were 400 Saudis in jail awaiting deportation in the United States! There is the usual finger-pointing that it is the fault of Indian embassy authorities who say it is the fault of Saudi authorities. It is a never-ending vicious cycle. Another man, inmate Ramzan Ali, has been waiting to be repatriated since the beginning of the year - sitting in jail in a "constricted cell" for ten months... No, it is not called a jail or prison, it is called a Deportation Center, but the pretense is the same. You are locked up and you cannot leave. Call it whatever you want...

In yesterday's paper there is an article about the mess a non-Saudi woman is in now that her Saudi husband has divorced her. The woman who has five children - one a baby who is still nursing - has virtually NO standing, here, whatsoever, and she will very likely have to leave the Sandbox without them. Divorce laws, here, as I have been able to understand, are written with prejudice to ALL women. The woman doesn't receive alimony or child support - there is no need to receive child support since it is typically the man who gets custody of the children. A deportation order has been issued and as soon as her lawsuit to gain custody of at least three of her children - the baby and two youngest - is settled she will need to leave if she cannot find another sponsor to hold the paperwork that would allow her to stay in the country. The National Society of Human Rights is supporting her in her fight to gain custody of ALL of her children, "especially since her ex-husband's new wife is mistreating them." How many stories have we read about the horrific abuse children, here, suffer at the hands of their wicked stepmother's? Let's just hope that this woman is successful in her plight.

This is worrisome to me. Pets, in my opinion, should NEVER be fashion accessories and I see this as a "fad" which will be short-lived and then there will be dogs and cats and rabbits and birds released into the "wild," with no means of being able to fend for themselves. Truly I hope that I am proved very wrong about this, but I just don't think so... [Wait a minute! Weren't dogs as pets banned not too long ago because authorities, here, felt that too many people were trying to emulate Westerner's???]

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