Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sickening!!! Beyond Belief!!!

[Warning: If you are an animal lover of any species clicking on the link provided will be incredibly difficult to "stomach."]

Where the f^ck is PETA or ANY animal rights / protection agency when it comes to this? Anyone? I read this and just cried. I cannot even go back to comment on it. I can just think about it and wonder what kind of barbarians of any nationality or religion ANYWHERE in the world are so deranged, perverted and twisted that animal fighting - of any breed or species - is considered a sport. There is nothing nice to say about anyone that condones this. Nothing!!! I can only hope that ALL involved suffer from long drawn out absurdly horrid and excruciating painful demises. And, the sooner, the better! For all of mankind.

If anyone has any suggestions as to how such practices in countries can be stopped, by all means, please share...


  1. I will say I was in two minds about clicking on the link, as I knew by what you had written it had to be bad. Little did I realize if involved horses. Who on earth thought this up? No wonder it has been banned.

    I can't believe that horses would kill one another? I am totally confused and disgusted by this....


  2. They are FORCED to kill one another, Gill. I have never ever in my entire life heard of horses fighting to the death. And they call that a sport. I have a much, much better idea for a sport. Let them fight each other to the death! [Oh, wait, in some countries... It's a start.]

  3. "If anyone has any suggestions as to how such practices in countries can be stopped..." All right. When the spy-drone sees a horse fight in progress we pop a cruise missle out of the nearest submarine with ICM spread for a 100 meter circle of saturation and kill the 1000 people nearest to the arena. End of tradition.
    I suppose we could also try giving everyone in the jungle a satilite television disc so they had something better to entertain them, but i would hate to have these rustic souls polluted by Western Culture. Better to use the cluster bombs.

  4. Well, okay, then... Vermindust!


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