Sunday, October 19, 2008

What is Wrong with People?!?

Not just here. Everywhere! In the States there is Casey Anthony who has finally been charged with the murder of her two year old daughter, Caylee. Why did she murder her little girl? No one will ever know because no one will ever be able to get a straight and honest answer out of Casey. Was it premeditated? The authorities seem to think so. And whether it was premeditated or not, the result is the same. A child is dead.

Here, there is a family that didn't kill their little girl - although they may as well have - it probably would have been less traumatizing for the child if they would have. What did they do instead? They abandoned her. Not just once. Twice! In less than two months. The first time they left her at the Corniche. Then, two weeks ago they left her in the airport! I saw the story in the paper the other day - a short, two paragraph blurb about security finding a child in the lounge, alone and crying.

In today's paper there is a much lengthier article about the little four year old that says that the "family had lost the child on Oct. 4." No. They didn't lose her. You lose your glasses. You lose your keys. You don't lose a child! The family left her there!!! "The girl's family refused to receive her from the hospital where she was admitted for treatment. This proves that her case is complicated." Ahh, no. Not really. All it proves is that the adults in this situation are two more poster parents for forced sterilization.

The director general of the Social Affairs Ministry's office in Makkah, Ali Al-Hanaki, "emphasized the need to find out the reasons for the girl's parents abandoning her for a second time in less than two months." It is really pretty simple. Let me help you with that one, Mr. Al-Hanaki: They didn't lose her well enough the first time. According to Mr. Al-Hanaki, "The girl should not be handed over to the family EXCEPT after necessary investigations." [Emphasis, mine.] WTF?!? You're going to investigate and then give the child back to the parents so that they can lose her again??? "A number of social and legal experts agreed with Al-Hanaki on the need to investigate the girl's family for negligence of responsibility." Unless you want to be investigating the girl's family for murder - when they are finally able to "lose" her for good - then I would suggest that the child NOT be returned to the family under ANY circumstances!

Little Hanouf is actually quite lucky. She is not dead. And, she is not laying in the hospital in a coma like the young teenage girl I blogged about last week. Yeah. Lucky...


  1. I am so saddened by both these stories. I am a father of two beautiful girls, and I absolutely know where they are ALWAYS! The Caylee Anthony case I have been kind of following. I do not understand any of it. And to be honest I'm glad I don't understand it, because to me that would make me some kind of freak too. I hold out a little hope that they will find Caylee alive somewhere. But as this goes on my hope is dwindling. It pisses me off to no end that her mother just can not tell the truth about anything at all. And while there are people out looking for her baby, she is out gettting drunk and #$%&ed!.

    I wish I had an answer to your original question. What is wrong with people? I just don't know.

    My heart hurts today because of stories like this, it reminds me why I pray....

  2. There is an open case similar to this in Lima, Ohio.
    A 3 year boy was recently beaten to death in the presence of his mother, and no one was called for 24 hours after the death, while 3 adults, including the mother did nothing. When EMT's got there, the 3 adults refused to let them into the home.
    The man also had a history of abuse and authorities had been notified in the past.

  3. Keith I never understood the whole Caylee scenario. I do not hold out any hope that she will be found alive - although for closure for a community that has searched for her - I hold out hope that her little body will be recovered. I posted recently that I never let my son out of my sight - and I didn't. [I don't let my two four-legged Kids out of my sight, either!] Parenting is NOT easy, but there are absolutely no excuses for what some parents will do... None. Your daughters are very lucky, indeed!

  4. Oh, Anonymous, so sad. I cannot - just cannot - even fathom what a little 3 year old boy could possibly do to deserve such horrendous abuse. I hope authorities have arrested ALL of the adults and that they will never have the chance to live and breathe a free day again in their lives!

  5. If law enforcement would stop catering to these parental murderers this kind of crap would stop. Casey Anthony should never have been able to string this along this long. The police, her parents, her attorney: they ALL aided and abetted this murdering witch. I am all for legal rights and due process, but when you got a mother who is obviously and proven to be a big fat liar, then it should be legal to take her out and beat the snot out of her. Even though it is illegal, I would have thought it worth it to sit in jail for beating her arse. She clearly deserves it.

    And any other person would have been charged a long time ago.

  6. Tell us how you really feel, Andrea!

    I agree with you 100%!!! If law enforcement would stop catering to all the criminals and start giving victims some rights, crime statistics would change dramatically...

    "When you have a mother who is a big fat liar, then it should be legal to take her out and beat the snot out of her." You will get NO argument from me on that. None.

    "Any other person would have been charged a long time ago." Just curious, Andrea, why you believe she didn't get charged sooner? That her dad was in law enforcement she was given some sort of privilege? I want to see her mother - Cindy Anthony - charged with aiding and abetting - or at the very least with obstruction of justice. Do you think charges will be brought against other family members?

  7. I have never hit a woman, nor do I plan on it, but this one has me at the edge of feeling like beating the crap our of her myself. Sorry if that offends, but my heart is broken and handcuffs and three meals a day ain't enough.

  8. I suspect you are not alone, Keith.

    I can - for the most part - say that I have NEVER hit a woman, either. [Does having fights with my three sisters as a child count? There were a few times where there was actual "physical" hitting involved. Have there ever been four sisters in a family where some hitting, and biting and scratching didn't occur??? That is the extent to which I have EVER hit a "woman," only it wasn't a woman - they were my sisters - and we were KIDS!]

    I would be willing to take a swing or two at Casey Anthony. And, I have never made a closed fist to hit someone - sister or anyone else - EVER!

  9. Oh geesh I was thinking of using a bat. Is that too harsh? :-)

  10. Absolutely, not, Keith. Club, baseball bat, whatever it takes!!!

  11. Sabra, I couldn't remember who her law enforcement contact was, I just remember she had one. Her dad? I knew there was one, and that is why she was being handled with kid gloves. She should have been taken out back and whooped.

    Keith, I feel ya. I however, HAVE slapped a woman (I am one) but she will mind her manners next time lol.

    I am all for justice and protection under the law. But I am sick of criminals getting away with crap. 5 minutes with her and we would know where that baby is. And I would willingly sit in jail over it. Gotta be arrested at least once in your life right?

  12. I got arrested for parking tickets! Mug shot, finger prints, the whole nine yards. All because I had like 200 outstanding parking tickets. DH was NOT pleased...

  13. Knock on wood I have never been arrested lol. But I would rather it be for parking tickets than something serious! Good luck with that though lol!

  14. Umm, wasn't it you, Andrea, that said everyone should be arrested at some point in their life? It was an experience I could have happily lived without - ever! My bail? The exact amount of all my outstanding fines. DH let me stay in the "holding" cell for two very, very long hours - I stood the entire time. I did not allow myself to touch ANYTHING in the cell but the floor with my shoes.


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