Wednesday, October 08, 2008

More Non-Payment of Salaries

Ahh. Same old, same old. Different day, different company.

I do believe authorities have the ability to stop this vicious cycle but for some unbeknownst reason refuse to do so. Imagine if all companies, here, just stopped paying all employees. There would be outrage and civil unrest. But, because the 180 workers that were unpaid were slaves imported laborers, who cares, right? [Although in fairness and to be accurate, I must add that the fact that these men were imported laborers is a presumption on my part; there is nothing in the article, itself, which indicates that they are or are not.]

The employees of the company - a company which shall remain unnamed - said that "the company has a habit of delaying salaries and has become notorious in this regard." Is it not just a bit interesting how there is no mention of the company's name, but no hesitation whatsoever of reporting an employee's full name? "Sa'eed Al-Qarni, a protesting employee at the port's gate, said the company has a considerable record of violations regarding labor laws: It does not provide health insurance, has increased working hours without paying overtime, and has cut the annual vacation to 15 days instead of 21 days which is the minimum period guaranteed under labor laws." Hmmph. Imagine that. A company - which shall remain unnamed - with a considerable record of violations regarding labor laws and virtually nothing being done to quell the situation...

Three more employees, all identified by their full names, along with other staff members "complained that they were not paid their salaries even when Eid was approaching. They said the company's manager at the port put the blame on a delay from the bank." Excuses, excuses... The employees were diligent and have been able to refute the company's "excuse" as they "have a letter from the bank indicating that the company's account was empty." Just speculation on my part, but I'd guess that it would be somewhat difficult to issue paychecks from an empty bank account...

A Port Manager, who is identified in the article, said "the company will be forced to pay the salaries within the next two days after discussing the issue with its director." If the company's bank account was empty, exactly where is the money going to come from?


  1. You are right, reading about these rules and regulations would interfere with working, or any sane thinking!
    Here is the link and hope you enjoy
    Very interesting reading your words, makes me very happy to look out of my window and now that I am free! I wonder at the suicide rate and if it is reported, especially for women. We have a say in my country: better die standing up than live on your knees.

  2. that's awful.........can't believe they think they can get away with that.........


  3. Anonymous - got to see the Moanaboutmen link! Thanks for sharing!!! I have often wondered about the suicide rate - and I'd be very curious about infanticide, as well.

  4. No, Gill, they don't think they can get away with it. They DO get away with it! Happens more frequently than it is reported. And it is beyond pathetic that it is allowed to continue...


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