Tuesday, October 21, 2008

For Keith

Who wasn't overly impressed with the pictures I posted of the flowers in my backyard...

And NO ONE will be overly impressed by my picture taking skills [or, lack thereof!].


  1. Would you believe I have actually been on a camel, when we were on honeymoon in Tunisia. They are not very friendly creatures.


  2. I've got my own story about riding on a camel, Gill! Well, I didn't actually end up riding it. In Dubai, I got on one - the guy made the camel get up - and that's when I realized that I was thirty stories in the air and HAD to get off. If you actually did ride one - you're much braver than I!!!

    I took these pictures when DH and I went to the airport to clear our shipment. Lots and lots of camels out there just "roaming."

  3. For me? Really? You are so sweet. Kind of looks sandy ;-). Now let me ask this. Are these "wild" camels? Or are camels farmed like cattle?

    You know now I'll have to post something special for you right? Keep watch in the next couple of days for a special "Sabra" tribute :-)

    Best wishes my new friend


  4. Lots and lots of sand, Keith! I asked the same question - if they were wild or if they belonged to someone. There are NO fences, I didn't see any "collars" on the camels, and they appear to be just wild and roaming. DH says they belong to someone. I have no idea if there are "wild" camels or not.


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