Monday, May 18, 2009


Have gotten a lot of "spam" lately. More so than usual. It's is not like I get inundated with comments and as they get held in in moderation I can easily delete them. They are comments like, "I like your blog. Visit mine at http://spectaclesforprettyunicorns." Stuff like that - stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with my blog and comments that have absolutely nothing to do with my posts. I'm glad I can control it by simply checking them off and clicking "reject."

And "Anonymous" comments, too. Must be pushing somebody's buttons with some of my posts. I think I've been pretty "liberal" about posting "Anonymous" comments - even if they disagree with my point of view. Provided they are respectful and are not attacking me, I don't mind getting a comment that sees something from outside what I see. Really, I don't. A few have even gone so far as to say, "I know you won't publish my comment, but..." and I do publish the comment - everyone has the right to their own opinion - I don't expect every single person who comes here to agree with my opinion.

I draw the line at the "Anonymous" comments that say, "Why do you bother living here? Just go home." Or, "Hi. Why are you still here if you hate it so much?" Comments like that. [Oh - and for the record, I have never said that "I hate it here." So quit trying to read something into what I say that I haven't said.] Those comments are not going to be published. You choose to hide behind "Anonymous," that is your prerogative, but it is mine to simply click "reject." What argument are you trying to make? What is your point with comments like that?

There will come a day and a time when I can say certain things that I have never said on this blog; that will answer many of the comments like those, above, but which cannot be answered at this time. Believe me, I do have some strong opinions in that regard, but it would simply be inappropriate for me to voice them here, right now.

Check back in five years [or buy the book when I write it and it gets published!]. I will make it very clear why and how it is we ended up here and I can assure you that I will not be going out of my way to spare hurting anyone's feelings. It likely will not be very politically correct, either. Until then, "Anonymous," unless you have something constructive to add to a post on my blog, your questions will go unanswered. And unpublished. As I have said before in posts similar to this one about commenting, you want to start your own site and call it "I hate Sabra" that is fine by me - you are just not going to have a forum to spew inanely, here. Apparently my presence in The Sandbox is quite bothersome to some "Anonymous" commenters. Wonder why that is...

Here is one of the spam's that I got yesterday and only posted so that I could "copy, cut and delete" it:

We present our site

(which is the improvment of the other, based in Tunisia). [There is such a thing as improvement? Really. Please share... Emphasis, all mine. Misspelling and grammar that is incorrect? All theirs.]

There is thousands of texts (around 15 000) about the origins of islam, with a critical, humanist [come again? "humanist," you said? That is funny!], and scientist view (and even ironical). It is now the bigger "sourcebook" on that subject, with often unpublished documents: Muhammad biographies (SIRA), the main books of traditions (HADITH) , muslim chronicles (TABARI...), companions biographies (TABAQAT), quranic verses, quranic commentaries (TAFSIR) [just what I we need; thanks a whole lot - go pound sand].

A new version is now available, improved and corrected: around 3500 pages. We are working for a new version published every year [Well, I guess some contribution is better than none?!! Snort.].

All is in french. so sorry. but you need to read it to understand muslim thinking and acts. [French. German. Italian. Farsi. All are a different language to me. Won't read any of it. Going to go wash my hair. Later on I might reorganize my spice cabinet or rotate my sock drawer. Have way better things to do with my time. Thank you very much.]

Bye. Take care.
You want to click to their site? Do so at your own risk. Disclosure: I in NO WAY endorse that organization or any others that try to make it through comment moderation, that I consider to be spam. Quite frankly, I don't care if it is in French, German or Pig-Latin. No. You are not posting here. "Bye." Yourself. Trust me - you're only getting posted as an example of what is NOT going to get posted here. You won't make it through again.

Spam! And, "Anonymous." Get your own sites.


  1. 3500 pages!!!!Good heavens! Who would wade through 3500 pages without going blind? Might be useful in helping my 2 year old grandaugher reach the table at family gatherings, but that would be about the only use I can think of.

  2. Oh, I'm sure, Linda, given time and opportunity, you could come up with a lot more uses. Give you much credit though for thinking of the whole "phone book" thing for getting a child closer to the dinner table. That was good. Very good.

  3. As one who as commented here anonymously and in disagreement with you, I have found you have been very ethical and generous in your treatment of anonymous commentators like myself.

    The Nadya Suleman commenting Anonymous

  4. Thank you, Anonymous. I really do not feel as though I am being unreasonable. My blog. My rules. My decisions. And, no, I do not expect everyone to agree with me all the time. That would be quite boring, actually. But at least come and be respectful at my "home." And don't even bother pushing spam, here. [Not directed at you, of course.] That you don't want to be known, or wish to remain "Anonymous," is your choice. I appreciate your kind considerations. You are welcome to come and disagree with me any time you wish, provided you do so as you have in the past. And you will be published and not rejected...

  5. Sabra--Thanks, I always am respectful, which is why I appreciate your own attitude.


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