Monday, May 18, 2009

Just Another Maid...

How often have I used that title? More than a few times.

But what the heck. It is, after all, just another maid disposable worker. "...a housemaid whose body was found lying in the street... died from injuries suffered while trying to escape from her employer's house." Why? Does anyone ever question why it is that they try to escape? I know - more money at another house or something. It is never the original employer's fault. We all know that. "A police spokesman said that the woman had attempted to descend from a high story using a rope she made out of bed sheets..." She wanted out desperately, if you ask me. "...three friends who were waiting for her... took her to their place of residence where she died the next morning. They subsequently discarded her body in the street..." Interesting. Someone saw all of this - the three friends [who, by the way, will be in big, big trouble and will probably be found to be responsible for the maid's death]? Perhaps that is the employer's story [and by story, I mean as in fiction!] and that is what the employer reported to cover his or her own ass. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

Whoa. Two disposables in one day. [There probably are more than that every day - they just aren't reported.] The body of an Asian woman was discovered in a "suspicious bag emitting foul odors." Doesn't appear to have been a worker. Just another "over-stayer."

Apparently the mayors who were visiting from the States last week had a nice time and "expressed admiration of the movement of construction boom in the Kingdom in general." Did anyone take any notice of the fact that there are no OSHA guidelines? Did anyone bother to ask how many on the job injuries happen? Yeah. Probably not. "They said the boom will contribute to a clear breakthrough in the Saudi economy in the coming period, helping the diversification of sources of income and leading to further cooperation in economic fields between the Kingdom and the United States." Huh? How so? What does that mean? Someone try to translate that for me. "... the diversification of sources of income..." Money laundering?

A woman, an Arab national [but not Saudi] has been held on "witchcraft charges." Authorities are clamping down on this. I recently got an e-mail with a link to a story that says that the Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice is going to be doing all they can to eradicate these practices. [Thanks, Joseph! I knew I'd be able to work it in here at some point.]

A man who did not want to see his daughter become a spinster has married her off to her cousin for SR50 [$13.40]. The article doesn't say how old the woman is - she is a teacher - at least we know she isn't a grade-school student. And, they lived happily ever after...


  1. You are correct in calling them disposable workers. This one is dead. NEXT!And nothing will will be done to rectify the situation as long as there are desparate people in desparate countries who are willing, despite the horror storied they have to have been told by their compatriots.
    The construction boom.. just what Saudi needs is another shopping mall, and that is the construction 'boom' here in Tabuk. Not a library or community center to be found but, hey we have ANOTHER new mall. Last count was 7. Tabuk just isn't that big.
    Gotta wonder what the 'other' is in the witchcraft story. Star of David? A crucifix? Of course that will never be printed in the 'news'.
    Spinster? Gee, was she maybe 21? But I do believe the nephew's financial problems are solved. He now has access to another salary to support the family. Bet Daddy will miss her salary though.

  2. in reverse order...

    Jeepers, Alec Baldwin was paying twenty dollars for a Phillapena maiden. Fifty riyals is insulting to everyone.

    "Numerous objects used in the practice of magic," can mean nearly anything, but i am used to seeing hoo doo kitchen magic that uses everyday stuff. The difference between having a tool box in your car and "going equipped for a burglary" is in the mind of the police officer. I am curious what the Commitee found in the tailor lady's house.

    FOX is reporting that a Saudi has invented an implantable chip for foriegn workers and domestic dissidents that will release cyanide if they get bothersome.,2933,520331,00.html
    At least the bodies will be easy to find with that GPS function.

  3. It's shocking how workers are treated in that part of the world. Ironically the part of the world that can't stop talking about how Islamic they are. Right.

  4. Sabra,
    I don't what the difference is between an Arab national and a Saudi. I thought they were the same; please pardon my ignorance. Could you clear it up for me?

  5. Dawn-Michelle, an Arab national is anyone from ANOTHER Arab country, eg, Jordan, Yemen, etc. Of course, Saudis are from Saudi.

  6. Thanks. I guess I should have figured that out myself. :>P I appreciate the help.


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