Sunday, May 24, 2009

Patio is too hot for bare feet!

Youcheeee! Was out with bare feet a little while ago. Whoa. Must wear flip flops. The patio tiles WILL burn your feet. The Boy doesn't seem to think it is too hot for him - the patio tiles. He has been out laying on it for the past half-hour. How he does it is beyond me.

Weather t

It is supposed to be even warmer hotter tomorrow. 122°. A whopping 2° difference. It can't feel any warmer hotter out tomorrow than it does today. [Work is going very nicely. Turning a nice bronze color. Using sunscreen on sensitive areas.]

Pool temperature is 88°. Don't even have to test the water - just get in.

Kids are going to get baths outside this afternoon. They will be thrilled...

Supposedly, when the temperature hits 50°Celsius, then the outdoor workers are allowed to NOT work [of course, if they do not work, then they do not get paid]. Odd thing, here: none of the thermometers ever go above 49°. Thus, that rule never seems to apply... 50°Celsius is 122°Fahrenheit. I am not complaining about being outside, but then, I am not physically exerting myself in this heat, either. A little compassion to the men who are outside toiling in the sun and the heat would be a very, very good thing. Anyone I see out there gets juice and water. I need to remember to get popsicles from now on, so that I can hand those out, too.

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  1. Compassion for the workers would be nice, especially since they are consigned to wear long sleeved DARK coveralls and vinyl safety vests.
    It doesn't get to those temps here until July/August. But I still have a 5 gallon cooler jug with ice water sitting on my patio table out front. Also a sleeve of cups. And I check it throughout the day to be sure there is ice/water in it. The workers know they can help themselves.


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