Saturday, May 02, 2009

Get 'cher little nekked self back inside.

Cute. No pictures to show for it. Wouldn't have taken a photo even if I would have had the camera with me - well, I might have, but I wouldn't post it here. I'd get in too much trouble and it just isn't worth it.

We're out for our daily jaunt through the compound today - after DH got home from work this morning. We were walking down a street not too far from our house and we hear a child "squealing." A "delight" squeal, not a "harm" squeal. The front window of the house is wide open. All of the sudden the child we had heard stands on the window sill - on the inside [he crawled there from a chair? the couch? who knows] - and steps out into the "outside" and he is stark nekked. Not a stitch of clothing on him. He was - say, three - maybe four - and he's pointing to The Kids and shouting for others to come see. It was cute.

But I just hafta ask myself why he had no clothes on - is it typical to have a three or four year old child here that runs around inside the house with no clothes on? Maybe. Oh. And where were the adults? Nanny? Maid? Mother? Father? Not a single adult to be seen. Never mind that the kid didn't have so much as a pair of underwear on - what about the danger of him standing in the window like that and then falling? He'd have fallen onto bushes and you just know he would have been hurt. Not injured hurt - but cuts, scrapes and bruises hurt. He continued to stand there - nekked - in the window as we continued down the block - squealing and shreiking.


  1. Naked kids are hilarious.

    My kid runs around naked pretty much all the time. We put the clothes on, and she zooms through the house /park / beach tearing them off like some sort of meteorite, leaving toddler clothing detritous in her wake.

    Nobody seems bothered by it, although we do get some suprised looks in say, the super market.

    The only objection we ever got was from a fellow American. I was all, Wha? Whaaa? But you're MY people!!!

  2. I used to let my boys go nekked in the backyard when they were potty training. It made for an "ah-ha!" when they saw what made their diapers wet. :>) My DH, however, would never let them in the front yard w/o britches on--too many pervs, he says.

  3. one of my nephews loves to escape from the tub and run around naked, i guess since he's slippery from being washed he's harder to catch. im surprised over there though someone didnt freak out!


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