Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Saudi Girls Must Stay Chaste

So says Saudi Arabia's Grand Mufti. [The newspaper hasn't been delivered yet - and I'll be curious to see where this article is. If it is on the front page, in big print, I'll post a photo. See below.] Nary a mention of Saudi boys. Imagine if someone in the States said this. Women's groups would go ballistic. Heads would explode. "Saudi girls [should] remain chaste in the face of liberal forces which want to deviate women from the right Islamic path so as to satisfy their ulterior motives which have nothing to do with Islam." What are the "liberal forces?" Driving? Going to movies? No. Apparently traveling is a liberal force. As is being unveiled. And getting involved in relationships with whoever they want. Mobile phones. They're a big problem. "Legal marriage is the right way of protecting the youth from committing sins." Well. Okay, then.

The article is NOT in the print edition of the p
aper. Why is that? I have searched all 16 pages of today's paper and the article is NOT there. I've captured it though, in a couple of different screen shots, just in case it mysteriously disappears. Other articles have...

The front page of the on-line edition of today's Saudi Gazette:

The actual article:

Some people just can't mind their own dayum business. A man on a plane "demanded that the air steward oblige a fellow passenger to cover her hair and bring a 'mehram'" [male guardian - see above] after refusing to put on his seat-belt. [File under: Only in Saudi.] The pilot "was forced to turn his aircraft around and abandon take-off." Passengers should have pummeled the guy to an unrecognizable mass of bloody pulp. What a jerk. He - the man who is not identified by either name or nationality - is reported to have declared that "cleansing the plane of Shariah violations is more important than wearing seat belts... in any case, safety is in the hands of God." Put this asshole on a permanent no-fly list and tell him to get on a camel the next time he wants to travel. "Security officers requested that the passenger disembark from the aircraft, considering him a risk to the flight." Gee. 'Ya think?

In other news today... "The Commission for Investigation and Prosecution has begun interrogating the father of three boys and a girl... who were reportedly beaten and abused. The children's stepbrothers and stepmother are also implicated." If any of this is true I hope every single one of them - the stepbrothers, the stepmother and most of all, the father go to jail for a very, very long time. The children's mother, "an Arab of non-Saudi nationality" [does it matter what nationality she is? it must - it is reported] discovered the abuse when she "came to the Kingdom to visit them." She says, "I found that they had been tortured day and night. They had been sleeping on bare floor tiles and shattered glass." Shattered glass? "The four children, of whom the boys are aged between 11 and 14, say that they suffered regular beatings, and that they were burnt and maltreated in other ways by their father, stepmother and stepbrothers. One of the children said that his stepmother would force him to clean the bathroom, and lock him in after filling the room with insecticide spray." Who cleans a bathroom with insecticide spray? And, where is the maid? Are you the ONLY family in Saudi without one? "The girl said that her stepmother took her to a deserted valley area, beat her repeatedly and burned her on the private parts of her body. She said her step-mother would only give them the leftovers of meals... and would sometimes put insecticide in it." What is it with the insecticide? Sounds to me like the wicked stepmother was trying to kill them - the children of her husband's first marriage. The mother - the real mother - "is seeking a a trial by Shariah Court for the abusers of her children." Would this be the same court that awarded custody of the children to the father in the first place? Let us know how that works out.


  1. Yes. Legal marriage is the ONLY way to protect the women. Like marrying them off when they are , say 8 years old? And to a man 50 years her senior? If they truly want to 'honor' their women, they would treat women as competent and able adults, capable of making decisions. They would teach men to respect women in all areas and teach the women to respect themselves.
    That a**hole needs more than jail time. Bet he also refuses to turn off his cell phone too. What a jerk.
    *sitting here shaking my head and going wtf???*

  2. just when you begin to have an iota of optimism about things improving, you read such news and its akin to hopping onto a time-machine and going back a hundred years....
    Also the people responsible for torturing the kids should be punished in a manner that they would think twice about doing anything remotely painful to another living thing...

  3. You live here in The Sandbox, don't you Linda? You can't still be "shaking your head going wtf???" Maybe you've not been here long enough? After a while you just become desensitized or immune to living in a LFZ [logic free zone]...

  4. Well put, Rasputin, "hopping onto a time-machine and going back a hundred years..."

    No disagreement from me as to how child abusers should be dealt with. Ditto for animal abusers.

  5. LOL, Saudi girls chaste? That guy has NO idea.

    Living in Jordan I knew that I was in whenever I heard the magic words anna saudiyah (I am Saudi). I don't know if it was because they had escaped the prison of SA or it was just a revenge thing on Daddy, but Saudi girls there were promiscuous in the extreme.


  6. Sabra, I love the blog, but it's like a bloody train wreck...ghastly and bloody to look at, but unable to turn away. Gotta read every word. How do you stand it! I'd go NUTS there! And it has nothing to do with intolerance. It has everything to do with repression and abuse and misogyny. And all perfectly legit where you are!

  7. I like that...LFZ. May I 'borrow' it?
    I was having an 'off' moment. Truly nothing that comes from the Sandbox surprises me anymore. I think it may have been the double whammy of 'chaste' and then 'cleansing the plane of Shariah violations' before my second cup of coffee that did it.

  8. I have said many times before, Anonymous, that the repression and segregation of this society causes some serious problems. It does not surprise me one bit that they Saudi girls were promiscuous in the extreme.

  9. You do what you need to do mojitogirl, and my DH working here means that I am here with him. We've only got another 3 and a half more years... He'll be 50, and he'll have done ten years here. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Your description of my blog, "a bloody train wreck" is one I won't forget. I take it as a huge compliment, so thank you very, very much!

  10. Linda - you borrow LFZ as much as you want/need! The "double whammy" with "chaste" and the plane thing - before a second cup of coffee could do the "shaking the head muttering wtf" thing to anyone. Understand, perfectly.

  11. Sabra, I believe I told you this before and Mojitogirl captured my sentiment. I don't know if I could live there. Again you've pointed out I wouldn't know unless in the situation, and I agree. But I can safely say I'd go mad.

    Tip-o-my-hat to you.

  12. http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20090504/wl_mideast_afp/uaetrialaccident_20090504152127
    You might find this interesting.

  13. Can only imagine what they think of Dr. Laura Berman suggesting teen girls be given vibrators to learn about "self Pleasure" and embrace their sexuality: )

  14. When life gives you lemons, Janice, you have two choices. Lemonade or lemon margarita's. I choose the latter.

  15. Thanks for the link, Anonymous. Who, exactly, is she paying blood money to?!? Is she not the unborn baby's next of kin? Insane.

  16. I'm guessing Dr. Berman would not be well received, here, at all, FP!

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