Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sterilize Him [with Addendum]

Or, better yet. Just cut it off. At the very least, throw him in jail until he's like a hundred or something. If he is in an all male population, there won't be any more spawn from this low-life-disease-spreading-sperm-donor low-life-sperm-donating-potential-disease spreader. [Don't I always look for the bright side of any situation? But, of course...]

I saw the headline this morning on MSM "29 year-old has 21 children." And thought, hmm, so the poor girl has been pregnant since she was eight? Must have been one of those marriages arranged right here in The Sandbox. Nope. Wrong. I didn't click on the page then - and now, it isn't news anymore - so that link is gone. But, I googled it.

Desmond Hatchett has TWENTY-ONE CHILDREN and he can't afford to pay child support! He had four children in one year - TWICE! That is only eight of the kids that HE cannot afford to feed [forget about the cost of diapers]. And that is twenty-one children who will never go to college. Heck, he'll be lucky if a quarter of them graduate high school [quick - someone - what are the statistics for this?] Who, exactly, does he think is ultimately going to wind up paying for the care and upbringing of all of those children? Care to venture a guess? Actually, I do feel just a bit of sympathy for those children. They did not ask to be born. How many of the eleven mothers 'he da' baby daddy of' are on welfare, I wonder. Eleven women - one man - twenty-one children.

The women are just as much at fault. If you can stomach it, watch the video. One mom, who has two of his spawn is supposed to collect $67.50 a month in child support and she says of one spawn "it make it through half da month - he's a heavy milk drinker and milk is not cheap." You didn't think of that before you spread your legs? [Pssst. Condoms are a lot less expensive than milk, you fool.] Your fault.

Knoxville needs to take a long hard [ha! pun intended!] look at their welfare rolls and start paring them down. You had a romp between the sheets with Desmond Hatchett and now you've got future welfare recipients in your household? Ut-uh. No more welfare benefits for you. Hey. Here is a novel idea. Get a job! [You have got to cull the herd, somehow.] No. I don't care if you have to pick lettuce or if you have to clean houses or you work at a fast food drive through window. [When I leave here, I'm going to need a cleaning person - that will be one vacant employment opportunity not yet available - woo hoo - doing my part to stimulate the economy!!! - but unfortunately I won't be going to Tennessee - too "blue" for me - and besides, Al Gore lives there and I don't buy all that "green" crap he's selling to everyone else and making a bundle on - suckers.] Let's face it. Call a spade a spade, here. Welfare breeds welfare. Break the cycle. Simple solution. Right?

This low-life-disease-spreading-sperm-donor low-life-sperm-donating-potential-disease-spreader says, "he wasn't out to set a record... he never intended to have this many children, 'It just happened.'" Exactly how many children did you father before you figured out how IT was happening? Keep it in your pants, Don Juan. Oh - and for the record - in my opinion - if he was the last man and I was the last woman, civilization would come to an abrupt end. He certainly is NOT all that and a bag of chips, too. [How much is that gold chain you're wearing, worth? Sell it. Buy milk.] For the love of Pete...

Perhaps someone who is in a better place to be able to do more research on the whole eleven UNWED mothers who have been, obviously, nothing more than fertilization machines for Desmond would find out for us how these fertilization machines voted. I'm guessing, if they voted, they voted for the jeja. Perhaps they even voted more than once, and were registered two or three times, thanks to acorn... Oh. And now that acorn is going to assist with the newest census - just look at how many more tax dollars are going to be available to cities like Knoxville with this kind of breeding going on...

Okay. I'll stop. For now.

ADDENDUM: I've changed what I call this man from "low-life-disease-spreading-sperm-donor" to "low-life-sperm-donating-potential-disease-spreader."


  1. Have you seen the movie Idiotcracy? - applies to these kind of stupidity!

  2. He's in the same league with that nutjob here in the states who can't seem to stop getting pregnant. I blogged on her - Octo-mum, who can't keep the snake out of the grass, apparently!

  3. Condoms cost about $1 each X 21 = $21

    1 baby daddy + 11 baby mamas = 13 idiotic, irresponsible adults resulting in 21 little victims.

    The resulting costs for child welfare to Tennessee taxpayers to support 21 children: Unimaginable.

    Final solution: As your title proclaims “Sterilize Him.” A vasectomy costs between $500 - $1000 according to the website of a Knoxville vasectomy specialist. And the state should pick up the tab for such a worthy investment.

  4. Yep, Idiocracy does apply here. I'd just as soon shoot the son of a bitch.


  5. Have not seen Idiotcracy, Anonymous. Will try to remember that I want to see it when we are in the states this fall. Won't have the opportunity before then. It isn't like there is a Blockbuster on every corner, here [there isn't a single Blockbuster!]. No Netflix, either.

  6. Oh my gosh, Steve. Pair the two of them up. She's got - what 14? He's got 21? On second thought, keep them far away from each other. Very, very far away...

  7. Simple math, StDiesel. And apparently too simple for Desmond. Let's see. Spend $1.00 for prevention? Nah. Spend half his income to support his brood - and let the tax-payers pick up the rest. I watched the video - he says he isn't planning on having any more kids. Sure. Until the next 'ho' comes along...

  8. Perhaps, now that he has been identified, Dick, someone in Tennessee will see to it that he is unable to continue producing. Just a thought...

  9. I'd like to make sure that Desmond doesn't have anymore kids.

    You know I just got my CCW and had some excellent groin shot groupings, Miss Sabra.

    May I volunteer?

  10. castrate the 'seeder'. Match made in heaven "the seeder v/s the octo-mom . That would be a challenge even for the 'multiplication' tables

  11. Interesting blog post.

    low-life-disease-spreading-sperm-donorWhere, pray-tell, does it say that this person is disease-spreading? Or are you, in reference to your other recent blog post, taking "Literary license" and embellishing the story? That's a bit like the pot calling the kettle black, no?

    I totally and utterly agree that for people like this, laws should be in-place to force sterilization on people. 21 Kids that can not be financially or emotionally supported is a crime, and the immediate action to that should indeed be a vasectomy.

    Your stance on single mothers with children should "get a job" is one that I used to have, until I thought about it a bit. A single mother, who you suggest should get a job at macdonalds (as an example) would need to actually get to work. And lets say such a woman gets one of these jobs, and works a hard week and manages 40 hours? That's 40 hours of minimum wage, but wait, Tennessee has NO minimum wage law, and Macdonalds are reported to pay their foot-staff a paltry $6.15 an hour. Thats $246 a week before taxes. Then take off public transportation, say $2.50/day/5 days = $12.50. Taxation in Tennessee is setup not to tax your pay, just other incomes. So just Federal tax, and I'm saying 10% because that's the rate under $8,025 (but if this mother worked 52 weeks a year, 40 hours a week, she'd make $12,792 in a year, before taxes). So, lets say 10% of pay is taxed, $24.60 in taxes. So, after taxation and transit, that leaves a mighty $208.90 to do the following:

    Rent, Food, Clothes, Healthcare, Daycare (because she's working all the time, remember?). The numbers do not add up.

    I'm not trying to be overly critical, I'm just trying to shine the light on the other side of the coin here, and yes, a work ethic is essential to get people to actually work and get themselves out of poverty. But a stance of "Hey. Here is a novel idea. Get a job! [You have got to cull the herd, somehow.] No. I don't care if you have to pick lettuce or if you have to clean houses or you work at a fast food drive through window." just communicates to me that perhaps you should look at the system that enables people to get this way, and not be so quick to blame the people at the bottom of the system.

    I like the blog and hope you publish my comment.

  12. I used to work at a gynecologist's office. We took medicaid. These people that Sabra says should get a job...should. They get on medicaid...also collect foodstamps and WIC (so food is covered)...probably unemployment paychecks as well...and come into the office wearing more gold than a jewelry store - including their teeth as well as having the newest and best cell phones. Chit chatting, nails done, expensive name brand clothes...and then plop down that medicaid card...

    With all due respect Sythe, you cannot calculate things the way you just did. Transportation can be free or a lot less expensive than you quoted. There are government sponsored daycares and early childhood schools. Chances are they also live in government reduced housing or with parents or friends. Taxation for anyone in the US that makes under a certain amount is generally null.

    The system is flawed for sure...but people lie as well and take advantage. Cutting them off is really not THE solution, but it is probably one of the best ones out there. Do you think that if these people can't hold down a job that they are really and truly bothering with taking care of their kids? The They aren't. The government is. These children become a cash flow...and now with new policies going into play - that will only be encouraged more. Don't wanna work? Just enroll in college. And keep enrolling. Need more cash and food? Get pregnant...have children.

    Sabra, it is particularly rare to see a person over here who isn't enamored of..what are you calling him? Jeja. I get sick of explaining to people that he isn't the answer...but they believe he is. Everyone is just head over heels in love with him...and I don't get it. It is like someone slipped something into the water and now everyone blindly follows. It is creepy. So, thank you for sharing your thoughts/feelings.

  13. Oh!

    A debate! :)

    I agree with you Amber that these people should get a job. But some states in the USA STILL do not have a minimum wage (Tennessee is one). If you were faced with the option of either a) McJobbing it, or b) sleeping late and not working at all knowing your going to be fine - what option do you think most people will take?

    The point of my comment was to highlight the failure of the system at large. Minimum wages need to be set, above the poverty line. There needs to be a reason for people to bother working. It needs to be more rewarding to work than it is to be claiming unemployment benefits. The current system does the exact opposite of that.

    As for the blind love for Obama, well, yes there is over-hype here, but I would point out that the previous administration and party that was in power..... totally screwed up the economy and America's reputation on the global stage. So why not try something different for the next 4 years? It's not like he can do any worse.

    Oh, and if you are an American, and earn between $0 and $8,350 in the 2009 tax year, you have to pay 10% of that in Federal Income Tax.

  14. I'm not arguing that the system doesn't work and that it needs to be more appealing to work. I agree. We can make it more appealing by pulling back on the benefits that some receive (not all of course!) However, your "research" is somewhat limited in scope and missing pieces - which was my point. For instance, the real problem isn't the lack of federal involvement in minimum wage requirements (if you have a problem with it move to another state!)...the federal government more than makes up for that with all of the tax breaks they offer. An example tax break? Each child is worth about $1000 if the parents work and bring in money. Assuming that this imaginary McD family is as poor as you think, they then qualify for lots of other you can knock out healthcare, rent, food and daycare costs and what is left? $208 to spend on clothes? Wow - wish I had that kind of budget every month. Not to mention that the cost of living in Tennesee is so low - not like California or New York. The states that don't have a set minimum wage by the government also have a much lower cost of works itself out. That McDonald's paycheck isn't cut down nearly as much as you think in the long run.

    I recognize the limitations of a president of the US. The cabinets/politicians under him often have more power when it gets right down to it. Bush made some mistakes...but a socialistic attitude by Jeja will only make things worse. Remember how you said we have to make it more beneficial for them to work rather than not? Well, his ideas that he wants to implement make it even easier NOT to work...and all off of the backs of those that do.

    The idea of free enterprise/economy and the american dream was to move to america and without the restraints of a controlling government, expend the energy and time to really succeed. People just wanted a chance to work for themselves and make their own way. People have fought and died for this right. The flip side of this - and the fair side, is that you should also be able to fail. With the welfare program such as it is too cushiony, it doesn't allow people to really just fail. And now, with lots of new policies, laws and JEJA - we aren't going to be allowed to succeed either.

    People often skew the idea of is something you have to fight for - work for. You have to obtain and earn it. If you don't - it goes away. History has proven that time and again. There is a great sense of entitlement these days..."all men are created equal" - last time I checked that is what I read...and yet, it doesn't seem to be that way when you consider that some people are getting a lot of extras and some people are having to give a lot of extras. How come the people on welfare get to have their freedoms upheld but not do anything for them? What makes them so much better than me? Really?! I wanna know!

    I also want to include, that while I just ranted, I recognize that there are some things the government SHOULD help with, especially pertaining to children and the elderly. There just needs to be a better balance.

    for a much better explanation, so much more eloquent than the dribble I just wrote see:

  15. oh, and one last response to your jab at the last administration and party that was in power...who exactly do you think it was?

    The republicans had a president in seat. Big stinkin' deal...considering that the democrats had power of the HOUSE and SENATE - where the real decisions are made.

    I think people in general need to take a look at american policy and who really gets to make the decisions. When the president has the same party in house and senate...things are much easier for decision things will by much easier for a democratic president when he has a dem house and senate than for a republican pres with a dem house and senate.

    It is too lengthy to explain, but in a nutshell...the house and senate seats are extremely important because they make a lot of decisions and can make or break a president.

    Not making excuses for presidents - they still have SOME is just usually more limited than people imagine.

  16. I will join the debate tomorrow. Tonight - I have other obligations. My apologies. Guests are waiting. Till then... Have at it. Be civil. That is all I ask.

  17. In response to Sythe's first comment:

    I went back and changed “low-life-disease-spreading-sperm-donor” to “low-life-sperm-donating-potential-disease-spreader,” Sythe. There was no mention of the low-life-baby-daddy having a STD, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that having as much unprotected xes as this man had – is having – is a pretty good way to guarantee your chances of catching something and then transmitting it to someone else. I have no problem with Dania – previous post – using literary license. I was simply making a point that some of the facts were a bit inconsistent. Nothing to do with the pot calling the kettle black, in my opinion.
    As far as forced sterilization – Desmond IS the poster-boy for this. Agree with you 100%. The crime, as you stated, is that these children – all of them – unfortunately, will never receive from one man – their father – either the financial or emotion support that every child deserves. I doubt very much that a judge could order that the man receive a vasectomy. I can see the ACLU racing to his defense. But I thoroughly agree that something should be ordered to prevent this man from continuing to irresponsibly breed.
    I was a single mother, Sythe. I divorced my son’s father when my son was a toddler. I worked. I put my son in day-care. On the weekends that his father had him, I worked a second job, waitressing at Friendly’s, so that I could make ends meet. Do you think I enjoyed that I had NO social life or time for anything other than doing what was required and necessary of me? It was not the life that I wanted, at the time, but I did what I had to do. I did not collect a single dime in any kind of welfare support, no food stamps, no Section 8 housing… NOTHING! Did I have any money left over at the end of the week after paying rent, a car payment, day-care and groceries? No. It can be done – and it is not the responsibility of the government to make it happen. The government makes it far too easy, in my opinion, for women to NOT have to take responsibility for their own existence. And, if these women – the eleven mothers – or anyone else, for that matter – were forced to work – at McDonald’s or wherever, I bet they’d think long and hard about the consequences of having unprotected sex. [This says that Tennessee does have a minimum wage, and that it is $6.55.] Regardless. Using your example of what the yearly income would be – and the figure of $208.90 to pay for rent, food, clothes, healthcare, daycare… No that is not a lot of money. But why should I have to pay for someone to NOT work and get all the benefits that I have had to pay for, for myself and my son. You are right. It is the system that enables people to get this way, but there is certainly enough blame to share. It is called taking responsibility for your own actions.

    I have no problem publishing comments with opinions that differ from my own. None whatsoever, provided they are done respectfully and with no name calling or personal attacks. And, I appreciate that you did just that. I also appreciate your kind compliment about my blog!

  18. In response to Amber's first comment:

    I have seen those people, too, Amber. Working as a paralegal in a law office – ambulance chasing firm, you know, the 1-800-IAM-HURT… Lots of them would come in with the most trivial and minor kinds of injuries – car accidents – rear-ended in a parking lot or something – slips and falls at work – and they’d come in all dressed to the nines in designer duds, gold dripping off them, hair coiffed – their Lexus or Cadillac parked in the parking lot… Were they injured? Sure, they were. They’d be limping or on crutches at the office, and then be seen out at a night-club dancing and whooping it up… They were all just playing the system. And it is a system that is encouraged. Used to piss me off to no end. Which is not to say that there were not some cases where folks were truly injured and should have been in the system – the workers’ comp. system, or filing a lawsuit due to some injury… The majority of them, though, just did not want to have to work. I am just as much at fault for working there. I left an insurance defense firm to go work for a personal injury firm. Why? The money was about $10,000 a year more at the personal injury firm than at the defense firm. You are spot on that “the system is flawed for sure… but people lie as well and take advantage.” I’ve seen it first-hand. Cutting them off is the solution. Perhaps it should be gradual, but there is no reason why WE – the rest of us that are not playing the system – should have to be responsible for those that are.
    I am alone over here, Amber, with regard to not being enamored with the jeja. It is amazing to me that the masses, in general, are so willing to drink the proverbial Kool-aid. Read other blogs from this part of the world – obviously you have – because you are right – the jeja is “the answer” as far as many are concerned.

    More, later, to respond to Sythe's second comment, and Amber's second and third comment...

  19. Amber, thanks for posting my video in your comment, and for calling it "eloquent." My brother and I have some cute kids, eh?

    My latest video is a finalist in Glenn Beck's national video contest. A view is a vote: New America


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