Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Have A Theory

I think the only reason that the jeja and his wide-ass fist-thumping lout wife are using Air Force One to travel [and the security detail* involved] and go on date nights - at the expense of U.S. taxpayers [which include my DH and me!] - is because they recognize the need to live large while they still can. Before they are ousted and hauled off to jail. Okay. Maybe it isn't so much a theory as a fantasy... A girl can still dream can't she? Or is some "thought czar" going to be preventing that, too?!

Last night the jeja and his wider-half jetted to New York to go to Blue Hill for date night. Aww... How romantic. Lovely for them. [Gag!] What, Wagu beef isn't enough? Taxpayers have to pay for them to go out on the town, too? No. It was reported on Fox News that the RNC was a bit upset about this. I should say so. My gosh. I don't know how many of my readers out there went out to dinner in the States last night - show of hands, please - but did you spend upward of $50.00 per plate? Okay. So maybe that isn't the most expensive restaurant in the world, but in this economy, how can the jeja and his wide-ass fist-thumping lout wife justify that to the public? You know, the 52 or 53% that voted for him. Someone needs to have a little chat with his handler. This just isn't right.

I'm telling you if the jeja turned water into wine and could spin the hair The Boy sheds into gold, I still wouldn't give him credit for it. So if you ever in your wildest dreams think that you can come here to read something positive about the usurper sitting in the highest possible office our Country has, you have come to the wrong blog. It is never going to happen. Ever!!!

Blue Hill. Make reservations, now. Cost $50.00 and over. Dress code? Casual elegant.

*Why, someone tell me, does the jeja need 3,000 Secret Service Agents to accompany him on his trip to this side of the world??? He'll be here when - tomorrow - the next day - and then he's going to Cairo to talk about everything BUT anything relevant to peace and security - and he's taking 3,000 Secret Service Agents with him?!! [I have a theory on that, too. Best left unsaid.] I read about the 3,000 entourage at another site, but because I am selfish and don't want it blocked from my viewing, I cannot share it. My apologies, Bonnie...


  1. Oh boy, Miss Sabra. I'm steaming about this just like you. And now to hear that the Messiah is taking along an entourage of 3000 so he can submit to the Muslim world?

    I think my head just exploded.

  2. And oh goody. Hi Lowness arrives in Riyadh on June 3. We are flying to guessed it...June 3. If we had known this 2 months ago when we got our tickets, June 3 would NOT have been the day for us to leave for holiday.

  3. I just did a lengthy response to you Linda - and "blogger" ate it! Dammit. I'll try to say the same thing again...

    First - have a great trip! Safe travels, all that. I really do appreciate that you offered to help me out, Linda, and fill in and post while we're gone, but you're traveling and spending time with family, etc., and my blog can just wait. Again, I do appreciate your responsive offer, though. Perhaps while we are gone this fall...

    Lucky, lucky you, Linda! Don't you think you should try to camp-out at the airport and get some up-close-and-personal time with the jeja? I suggest that when the opportunity presents itself and you are able to come face-to-face with him that you bow - bow low. You'll want him to know how much simply being in his presence means to you. Take photos! I'll post them here to share with everyone. Sounds like a once-in-a-lifetime chance! A once-in-a-lifetime chance that I am SOOO NOT envious of. Okay. I'll stop...

    Have a great time in Norway!!!


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