Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Full of Crap, Today

Pluh-eeeze. This can't be true. Read this. Now tell me why female gyms are being closed. Not because you want to see women healthy - that's for sure - but because someone is worried that "excessive movement may harm girls who are still virgins, possibly causing them to lose their virginity." Unbelievable. LFZ... [Swiped from the site that scours the bowels of the internet so we don't have to.]

From yesterday's article about keeping Saudi girls chaste, surprisingly [or, maybe not] there were only three comments made by the general public. Since it wasn't in the print edition of the paper it is a safe bet that not everyone is aware of the article. Still, I am surprised at the lack of attention it generated. The comments are here. One lone female commenter, who said "As a young muslim woman, I am sick and tired of Islamic authorities always talking about the responsibilities of the women in Islam in a patronizing manner. I am yet to hear about the authorities urging men to AT LEAST control their gaze." Good for her for speaking up.

This woman did not read the article in yesterday's paper. She's been caught by The Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice "for maintaining an illicit relationship with a foreign resident." Ut oh. Someone's in trouble...

Just another disposable worker. A maid. She hung herself.

A two-year old is NOT an infant. A two-year old is a toddler. And everyone knows that you can't take your eyes of a toddler - ever. No one was watching her. She drowned "in what was described as a large bucket at the family's home

Not sure about this. The husband says the wife's tooth was broken during a routine c-section and that the hospital is responsible. Something is just wrong with the story. Perhaps the man hit his wife and that's how the tooth was broken?

That is not "turky" in the package in the picture. It is a pork roast that I am making for dinner tomorrow night. Six guests coming for clams casino and a pork roast - oh, and a broccoli salad with bacon. It will be a virtual pork-fest. Yummy! And, then, that is pretty much it for pork products at this household. Still a couple packages of hot sausages in the freezer which I will use at a pool party I have planned. Now is probably not the time to be bringing pork back to Saudi from Bahrain. Should have gone last week when they had 228,250 cars crossing. Although, I'm glad we didn't go. Can't imagine how long the wait was sitting at customs with that many cars. 540,343 people went to Bahrain. All to go shopping, right? Yeah. Right.


  1. Good for you!!! pigging out literally... :-) Count me in amongst the 540,343 people that went shopping, though i can tell you that my shopping was rather limited to beers,loads of them or rather lost count of it.
    Time-travel seems to be the latest craze with all these news of chastity,female gyms etc...Hop on everyone, its a free ride

  2. How long was your wait at the Causeway, Rasputin? Good to know you thoroughly enjoyed your "shopping" trip!

  3. The article about the closing of women's gyms was right next to an article about the (remote) possibility of allowing women to vote in municiple elections in the Arab News. Almost fell off my chair laughing at that one.
    Rasputin, if you are a female in Saudi, it is more like going back 500 years. When it gets to me, I just remember that in 1430, Columbus had yet to sail the ocean blue.
    Found it interesting, well maybe not, that of the three comments to the chaste article, the only voice of sanity was from a woman. The other two were from men. Is anyone surprised? No.
    My $0.02. The Old Guard is fighting a losing battle and they know it. If the Muftis want to keep the women chaste and uncorrupted then put the country on lock down and close the borders. Throw us all out. They want "Saudization" of all business? This would be the way to accomplish that. Also, do not send any of their children abroad to school. Keep them home.
    Amusing sidenote:In Yahoo News there is an article about Saudis complaining about the difficulty of obtaining visas to Europe. It takes 3 whole WEEKS and requires more documentation than for other nationlities. It took four MONTHS for me to get my visa to come here. I had every body fluid tested for disease and parasites. I had to be fingerprinted. And we have been trying for two YEARS to get a visa for my sister to visit here.

  4. Most excellent points, Linda. Have us all leave and achieve 100% "Saudization." Can you imagine what would happen?!! And I agree with you about school thing, as well. Keep them here. Are colleges in Saudi open to anyone else attending? No. They are not. Not that anyone would want to attend, but...

    I saw the article about Saudi's complaining about getting visas. Did not elicit any sympathy from me. We had to do the same thing - provide every bodily fluid - fingerprints, mug shots... Don't remember how long it took to get our visas, but it took me three - almost four - months to get visas for my parents to visit.

  5. Sabra,

    The wait was an agonising two and half hours to get into Bahrain, but getting out was relatively painless.

    I'm a male, expatriate though...

  6. Sheesh. Two and a half hours to get there. Just to "go shopping."


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