Saturday, May 16, 2009

Watch This - Get Pissed!

Here's the thing. Some reporting agency in Amsterdam, "Website 101tv" which I have never heard of until today, set out to do a story to show - what else - discrimination against women in burkas, or abeyas and head-covering face veils.

What they did was have a woman wearing Western attire drop a bag of oranges and then filmed everyone racing to help her pick them up. Then, they did the same thing to a woman attired head-to-toe in black and filmed that, claiming that NO ONE stopped to help her. [Egad! If it couldn't get any sappier, you hear her - the woman dressed in head-to-toe black - crying! WhatTHEf^ck?!? You drop a bag of oranges and cry because no one will help you pick them up? Who does that!!!] What they didn't know was that someone filmed them filming this ridiculous piece of propaganda.

Dishonesty, thy name is... "He says there was no manipulation." [Spit!] "They sometimes make up their own reality." [Understatement, that!] They should have put it in, but it's because they're inexperienced and forgot." [How convenient.] "No, we hear about this story and change it." [Change it?!! Stage it, you mean.]

Vying for sympathy for the women who CHOOSE to dress in head-to-toe black and trying to show the world that they are treated differently than others. Utter fail.

The guy that published it got fired. He got caught filming a bold-faced lie. Good. Hope it is a long time before he has a job again. Asshole.

I swiped this from BNI's website and I hope she understands why I'm not linking her. Thanks, BNI!


  1. 'Scuse me if i misunderstand, but won't her family knife me in the back if i even look at their abeya types? Or was it her that gets knifed if i talk to her, i forget. Here's your oranges, lady, and a box of bandaids you'll be needing when your brother gets here.

  2. Completely forgot about that angle of this, vermindust!


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