Monday, May 04, 2009

You Don't Have to be a Rocket Scientist... figure out that the six boys/men who raped a Filipina woman are all Saudis. Three separate articles in three days. Not one mention of the nationality of the rapists. If they were anything but Saudi we would have known in the very first article published. It would have been included as pertinent information. Today we find out about their criminal past. Why some of them are not still in jail, or haven't been "ultimately" punished like anyone else would be for committing the same crimes, here, would have been is a mystery.

"Police investigating the abduction and rape of a Filipinia woman last week in Jeddah have provided further details about the six individuals... revealing that some members of the gang had previous criminal records involving drugs and rape." Sometimes it is what isn't said that is more important than what is said. Do you think for a nano second that if some Indian had raped someone in the past that he wouldn't have already been beheaded? He would have been tried, convicted and executed within weeks of his crime. Same with if an African was accused of some criminal activity involving drugs. He would be in jail for the rest of his life. But the boys/men involved in raping a woman last week? Up until Thursday or Friday they were wandering the streets.

One of them - the youngest of the group - "had been released from a youth detention center only weeks earlier after having been detained for the rape of a boy." Guessing his Daddy must have some pretty good connections or he would still be in the detention center, right? Ditto for the "oldest of the gang," who is 23 years old and "had been incriminated in two previous cases involving drugs and rape." Nice. What does his Daddy do? There is no way the average Joe Mohammed would be out of jail with that kind of record.

Supposedly "they had not planned their crime beforehand but were instead on their way to visit friends in the Al-Safa District where the abduction took place." Is rape one of those crimes that is usually planned? You know, like robbing a bank? I don't know. I guess it could be. So, if the accused are to be believed, then, they were innocently on the way to a friends house and drove by a woman out walking [don't forget, she's a Filipina woman - we've been told in every single report, so that must be important] and one of them said, "Hey. Let's have some fun with her?" Was it the driver? And he just stopped the car and said to one of his accomplices, "Abdullah, grab her." No. When three of you are involved it takes a modicum of planning - even if it is relatively spontaneous. But to make matters worse one of you then called three of your friends and they came and joined you. That is premeditated.

We don't know who the woman involved is. We know she was roughed up pretty badly. She was thrown out of the vehicle near a hospital once the boys/men had had their way with her. And, of course, we know she is Filipina. She is married to an Arab, but we don't know if he is a local Arab. He - the husband - must have some connections somewhere though, or this case would not have garnered the attention of the authorities that it has. If it was just any Filipina woman - say a housemaid - no one would care.

Throw the proverbial book at these six thugs. Get them off the streets so the rest of us can be safe. Whoever they are, or whoever they are related to should have no bearing in whether or not they receive whatever punishment is the strictest that can be meted out. A couple of them have already had their "second chance" and they blew it. Now, do what is right, and prosecute them just like any one else would be prosecuted. My knowledge on the laws in this country may be incorrect, but isn't rape punishable by execution beheading?


  1. I think castration should be the order of the day for these losers, but then again if they have 'wasta' they may get off scot-free and the blame will be squarely on the expat women who 'enticed' them!! What a shame!!

  2. Bingo, Rasputin! I'm guessing there was some 'wasta' the first time they had rape/drug problems or they'd be in jail just like anyone with no 'wasta' would be. And, like I said, whoever the woman was - no matter what her nationality [although each article HAS to tell us she is only a 'lowly Filipina' which by it being said is exactly what is being said] - her Arab husband has to have a little 'wasta' himself or this wouldn't even be an issue and SHE would be in jail for enticing the rapists. Those of us over here - we know...

  3. Getting paid to help this kind of country get richer -is abiding and abetting! There is shared responsibility because rich/intelligent foreign workers
    make it possible for these bestial savages to carry on with their "religious/killing". Like those who make their living by working in a weapons factory and not feeling any responsibility for the end result of their job. Money is a lovely deodorizer! No blame! No need of integrity either.
    I know this will not be published but you will read it. Take some responsability too!

  4. Well, Anonymous, you are wrong about me not posting your comment. It does irk me some that you would choose to "hide" behind Anonymous - but that's your choice. [Speaks volumes about your character, though, if you ask me.]

    I think you probably meant to write "aiding and abetting," instead of "abiding," right? Either way. Something I hadn't given much thought to. Regardless. I disagree that there is shared responsibility.

    What is it you do for a living, Anonymous? If you use your own analogy you, no doubt, can be blamed for something. If you are a teacher - we should blame you for indoctrinating children to a left-wing-moon-bat agenda. If you are a server in a restaurant that is not strictly vegetarian, then we need to blame you for the slaughter of innocent animals - and if it is a strictly vegetarian restaurant then you are still responsible for killing mice that live in the lettuce field... If you are an accountant then somehow somewhere down the line you have to take responsibility for the financial mess the country [U.S.A.] is in, now. The list goes on and on and on.

    What responsibility are you taking? What is YOUR share of the blame? Don't bother unleashing your vitriol on me, hiding behind an "Anonymous" shield, unless you are going to take YOUR share of the blame, too.

  5. GOOD JOB! Sabra you are spot on with your reply to Anonymous.
    What a coward he/she? is.

  6. I'm sure if I took the time, Linda, I could look at the time he/she posted and find out where he/she is from and how much time they spend here. Not going to bother. Hide behind Anonymous all you want, but at least have a "proper" argument.


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