Sunday, May 03, 2009

Fugly Times Fifty! And a Dog-Killing Thug

It's my blog. I can be snarky if I want to. Today, I want to.

Everything about this. The entire picture. Fugly fifty times over. Th
e jeja's wider half wearing $540.00 sneakers. I hope she paid full price for them and paid a hefty sales tax on them to boot [pun, intended]. What a joke. And to say that she is one of People's "most beautiful" is an insult to beautiful women world-wide. [Click at your own risk. And file under "you'vegottobefuckingkiddingme."] Nothing beautiful about her - even if you start with looking for beauty on the "inside."

I know shoes. I know nice shoes
- sneakers - sandals when I see them. These are hideous. Does anyone see anything attractive about these? Am I missing something?

Did you get dressed in the dark? With all your millions in money you earned in a non-position at a hospital where you only got hired because your jeja husband was a Chicago thug, you can't afford a pair of "footies" that actually fit and hide inside that pair of boats you're wearing, like they are supposed to? [Probably not. The wide-ass wears something like a size 12 and most women's footies are not designed to fit anything other than a normal size. She doesn't wear a "normal" size - few women have feet the size of Sasquatch. She is probably wearing men's footies.]

Not a surprise that I have nothing nice to say about the wide-ass. Never will, either.

And if this isn't beyond sickening! A dog-killing thug is in talks to become the newest spokesman for PETA? Good grief.

What is happening over on that side of the world. Makes me thankful to be here, in The Sandbox.


  1. Her sneakers are hideous and she's ugly as sin - maybe uglier, even!

    And I can't believe PETA would even think about having Michael Vick to represent them - but then again, it is PETA.

  2. If you still had some lingering hope that PETA cares about the welfare of animals, this should extinguishe it. Now this pack of wretched, arrogant, trust-fund hippies realizes that their all white image is not presently hip. They desperatly need a Spokesman of Color who must be desperate enough for work that he will accept. Kill dogs, don't eat them! (grumble grumble... Vick and PETA and $500 dollar ugly shoes... end of days... fallout shelter... grumble)

  3. Sneakers... I fear I am old enough to remember when there were four styles: high-top black, high-top white, low-top white, and low-top black. OK, add "boat shoes," or "deck shoes," which were low-top beige. Add the first Nike, and that's about it unless you are a guy who cello-tapes down his nipples to cut wind resistance (seriously - I used to sell "athletic" shoes, and the magazines were full of that stuff) and the rest is all looks and glitter. Bah.

    PETA - remember, among other things they kill over 95 per cent of the animals taken to their "shelters." Other shelters, gov and NGO, usually run 20-60 per cent I hear. Started as an OK outfit way back, but after maybe three years the crazies started taking over. Squeaky wheels...

  4. No argument from me on anything you said, Daisy!

  5. I had no lingering hope that peta cares about the welfare of animals, vermindust. Putting dog-torturer thug-in-chief vick out there as their spokeman just confirmed that.

    "end of days... fallout shelter... grumble" - I agree.

  6. I am old enough to remember when Keds were the ONLY sneaker fashion, John A. They're still pretty much the same, today.

    peta has been nothing but another left-wingnut-liberal group of crazies for sometime now. And those that are drinking Kool-aid over there in the States realize they are NOT about the ethical treatment of animals. Sooooo far from it their non-profit status should have been taken away long ago!

  7. Those sneakers look like something that you might get off the clearance rack at our thrift store.

    PETA.....People eating tasty animals. YUMMMM


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