Friday, May 15, 2009

Cry Me A River...

Guess I am just not feeling very sympathetic about things on this side of the world, lately. Don't have a whole lot of sympathy for this tale of woe. Again, one of those "You made your bed, now you lie in it" kind of thing.

A 38-year-old Saudi woman, Kauther Mohammed Ali Uthman married a Pakistani national who is not quite twice as old as she is about ten years ago. She became his second wife [dumbass!], and because he was a charity worker she thought "he is a good man and would take care of me in an Islamic way." [How's that working out for you, now?] They had two sons and it was all good. Or not. He basically wiped out her bank account and when it was empty he quit coming around to visit. "Her husband, Abdul Qayoom, has not visited his family for the past 15 months, during which Uthman gave birth to their daughter." Quick! Anyone see just a small problem with that statement? Pregnancy - a normal one, that is - usually only lasts for 9 months - and yet, she's not seen her husband in 15 months, but now has a daughter? I thought only the men here were allowed to have more than one wife. Are women allowed to have more than one husband? [Snicker.]

The woman goes on to whine about her sons not having residency permits and how they could be deported to their father's country. I don't know all the legalities of this - but apparently if a Saudi woman marries a non-Saudi then her children are not naturally born citizens of this country - or something like that. No matter. It is all going to be one big mess for her. You married him - you knew he wasn't a Saudi - you know how it works here. Put your big girl panties on and deal with it.


  1. Maybe she's half elepahnt, you know they have a 3 year gestation period....

    sarcasism off....

  2. Maybe I'm just trying to see the best, but it sounds to me like she didn't just have the baby, but the girl was born sometime during the 15 month period. The lovely sperm donor hasn't been around to see his offspring since the child's birth. Either way, I'm glad I've got a "one-woman man."

  3. I love your blog!! Your posts make me laugh and I love the topics!! Good job :)


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