Monday, May 18, 2009

This WILL make you ill!

[Mom - Do not read this post. Very bad language. Animals involved.]

Can barely read it myself. NOT for the weak. Makes me just want to... To To TO - I don't know what. But something. How pigs are being killed in Egypt. There is a big difference between how the male pigs are killed and the female pigs are killed - oh, and the babies. Do not click here if you can't handle it. Be warned. Apparently there is a video somewhere. I won't be finding it. I am pretty sure I cannot watch it. Tell me again... How peaceful and kind... I swear, if just one more person tries to ram that propaganda down my throat I am going to have to choke them. [No. I'd rather hit them with a tire iron and let them slowly bleed. Or pour poison on top of them and then bury them in a ditch.] Wake up! Sheeples out there in la la land. Sheeples, I tell you. Oh, and where is PETA? Too busy trying to get that thug Vick to come be their newest spokesman. [I'm telling you - let me loose with him in a room for ten minutes. I don't care what he's been doing in prison to bulk up and keep in shape. Your money NEEDS to be on me. I can and WOULD win any match with that scumthugdogkillingfuckinglowlifepieceofshit! Just let me at him. Ten minutes. That's all I want.]

[Saw this at WZ's place, the man who scours the bowels of the internet so we don't have to, first.]


  1. When i read they were killing the pigs off "to stop the swine flu" i knew they were liars leading the ignorent. And i knew they would kill them in a cruel and stupid way... but damn. What wrong, Egypt, no Xyclon-B at the drugstore this week?

  2. Dammit, Sabra. I watched, and then posted the video. Barbarians.


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