Sunday, May 17, 2009

Nothing to do with Nothing

Well, unless you are a victim or a family-member of one of the victims. Oddly interesting, though. Eight women killed in one county in New York. Chautauqua County.

I was born in Westfield, New York, where one of the women was found in her house back in 1990 - long after I had moved away. My parents were living in Westfield, then, and my Mom's parents - my grandparents - lived there for most of their entire lives. My sister got married there, that year, so we were all there for a few weeks that summer. Rebecca Nicholson's body was found inside her home on December 13, 1990. Westfield is one of those very small, sleepy little towns where if you drive through it and blink you have missed it. Everybody knows everybody. That a body was found inside a home - with a bullet hole in it - had to have been much fodder for the corner diner, there. My cousin is a member of the police force in Westfield and years ago, my Dad's father, my grandfather, was the Chief of Police in Westfield. Wonder what Cousin B would have to say about the murder. Had to have been a big deal. Things like murder just don't happen in teeny, tiny little communities like Westfield. I'd be willing to bet that if it was a random murder - and when is it ever really just random - that the woman's doors were all unlocked. That is the kind of village Westfield is, or was. [I don't think Westfield is big enough to qualify as a town - it is a village.]

That eight women have been seven women have been murdered and one is missing - she has never been found - all coming from a little county in New York [population approximately 140,000 TOTAL for the entire county] that most people have never even heard of is just odd.


  1. Hi there,

    I came across your blog entry in a Google search. Rebecca Nicholson is (was) my... let's see... mother's mother's sister's daughter -- I think that makes her my first cousin, once removed. Her daughter, Laurie Nicholson, was my second cousin. I would love to see this particular murder solved and justice served, even almost 20 years later!

  2. I hope it is solved and at least there can be some finality, Paul. Any suspect? Please let me know if it does get resolved. Regards. And, thanks for coming by to visit. Feel free to come back again whenever you'd like!


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