Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ask and Thou Shall Receive. Many Thanks!

Original Title: "Favor, requested. Please? Pretty please?" I got the lists, and then some. Within minutes of asking. Truly appreciated and with big thanks to "Anonymous 'M'" and "Anonymous." Again, thank you, very much. More with this information tomorrow.

I can't get to Maxim magazine no matter what. Blocked. I want to know who is in the top 10 of their current most beautiful 100 women. [I know who is listed in the bottom 10 - and ONE of them shouldn't be anywhere near the entire list - but that is beside the point.] Top 25 would be super-duper appreciated! If someone could post, in the comments, here, who the beauties in the top 10 [or 25] spots are, I'd appreciate it. Is Megan Fox in the top 10? If she isn't she should be. How about Scarlett Johanssen? Is she in the top quarter of the list? Angelina Jolie? I don't really care about her. She's pretty and all, but not drop dead gorgeous. Don't send me a link. I need names. A link will only be blocked. We can't have people [mostly men?] searching for that kind of p0rn0graffy in The Sandbox, now, can we!


  1. I have sent the list from the mag
    Not good enough with computer to send photos..
    Hope you can see it.

  2. 10. Jennifer Love Hewitt
    9. Jordana Brewster
    8. Rihanna
    7. Adriana Lima
    6. Eliza Dushku
    5. Mila Kunis
    4. Malin Akerman
    3. Bar Refaeli
    2. Megan Fox
    1. Olivia Wilde

  3. Thanks, much, M ["Anonymous"]. It must have missed part of it, though. I have number 11 [Jessica Biel] through number 100 [Deanna Russo] but NOT the top 10. Can you let me know who the top 10 are, please? Appreciate it. Much!

  4. Thanks, Anonymous! Appreciate it.

  5. Out of those ten names i know three of them. I gotta get out more.

  6. I know five of them, vermindust. But on the rest of the list? Nos. 11 through 100? I think I know who about four of them are.

  7. May I suggest Google search "bypass+filter+internet+Saudi" is worth a try?

    E.g. from 2007 but probably still relevant:

  8. John A. - I am not publishing your comment, because I am selfish. Don't want to share the information with the powers that be, here. But, thank you. I'll give your suggestions a try.

    I was getting around with another filter - but, obviously, someone caught on. That isn't working any more. Just trying to keep me safe, and moral and chaste - those powers that be.


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