Thursday, May 07, 2009

Iron Fist Stomper Shoes

I think they are kind of cool looking. Not quite sure what'd you'd wear with them. Black capri's and a magenta halter top? That could work. Saw them first at doubleplusundead. My only fear is that the wide-ass Fist-thumping Lout would be sporting them, too. Phew. She' can't. They don't come in size "biggest feet in the world." And, they don't cost nearly enough . Only 44 pounds - what's that - about $60 - or $480 less than her newest sneakers cost. So...

What do you think of these shoes?
They are super cool. I'd wear them.
They are just okay. I might wear them.
You've got to be kidding. I'd go barefoot first. free polls


  1. I can definitely see them with black capris and a magenta halter top, Miss Sabra.

    (But maybe with a little lime green shrug to cover the bingo wings. haha.)

  2. I have these shoes and just can't get enough of them! I tend to buy almost every pair of Iron Fist shoes that I come across. My family tells me that they need to let me promote/market their clothes and shoes since I give them so much of my money! lol I also can't wait to get a pair of their new Wolf Beater heels!

  3. The Wolf Beater heels certainly would add some "pow" to a little black dress, Tiffany!


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