Thursday, May 14, 2009

Women are also at fault.

Well, of course they are. I've said this all along on the issue of blackmailing. And cases of women blackmailing men, here, are just to numerous to bother to post on. It is a common "crime." But, this. File under: You just can't make this stuff up. Or, under: Only in Saudi Arabia.

"The grand mufti has warned girls of sweet-talking young men, which could lead to their being blackmailed." That a statement like that is even published in a paper gives you an idea as to the mindset in this part of the world... "He urged the girls to resist whatever these young men may try and to report them to the authorities." Well, they get reported all right. Often, I might add. And as I have said in the past, I don't think that the men should be taking all of the blame.

The article says, "There are girls who are more dangerous than men and who will use all their feminine wiles to lure and entrap men and take advantage of them in order to satisfy their financial desires and needs. Such blackmailing is very common, especially if the man has a family. Some men have important stressful jobs that do not allow them the extra hassle of blackmail." Yep. That's what it says. "Some men have important stressful jobs that do not allow them the extra hassle of blackmail." So, then, men that do not have important stressful jobs can take the extra hassle of blackmail? Is that what you are saying? How about the many men here who don't have a job at all? Blackmailing them would be okay? They have nothing else to do [but throw rocks at stray cats and harass women at the malls] so a little "extra hassle of blackmail" would be a welcome break in the monotony of their lives, right?

"Women are not innocent and they must be held responsible for the consequences of their actions." Well, we can agree on that point, I guess. But this: "I do not think that girls are unaware of the consequences of forbidden relations with men. Girls are raised in a society that warns them against strange men and any relations with them. If any man asks a strange woman in the street what time it is, she will walk away, assuming the worst motives on his part." [Emphasis, mine.] Laugh out loud. DOES EVERYONE HERE THINK THAT THERE IS ONLY ONE THING ON THE MINDS OF MEN IN THIS PART OF THE WORLD?!? This society has done this to its members. No one else can be blamed for it.

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