Friday, May 08, 2009

It Was All Yummy!

If I do say so, myself. [Although the pork roast was a bit dry...]

Made clams casino from scratch [with real PORK bacon!] and eggplant and Cheez-it appetizers [a recipe from my Grandmother - always a big hit - recipe at bottom of post]:

The broccoli, red onion, yellow raisins, almonds and bacon [real PORK!] salad with red wine grape juice dressing:

Herbed, roasted potatoes:

Peas with white onions and mushrooms...

... and for dessert? Pistachio cake!

Yummy. All of it.

Eggplant and Cheez-it Appetizers:

A couple of eggplants, washed, dried, sliced into 1/2" slices;
A box of Cheez-it crackers - crushed - in a one-gallon size bag;
Miracle Whip.

Spread a thin coat of Miracle Whip onto each slice of the eggplant - both sides. Put it in the baggie full of crushed crackers and use your hand to "grind" the crackers into the slice of eggplant - on both sides.

Place on a cookie sheet and bake in a 375 degree oven until browned and crispy - about twenty-five to thirty minutes. Serve still warm. [The cracker coating will be crispy and the eggplant will be soft and cooked.]


  1. Hail to the Chef!

    Looks quite scrummy, Miss Sabra. I would love to see your Grandmother's eggplant-cheez-it appetizer recipe - or is it a family secret?

    Bon Appetit!

  2. Whoah, now THAT'S a feast!

  3. Ooooooooh!
    Looks orders of magnitude more delish than the TV dinner I had last night.
    If you squeeze some leftovers into your USB port it just might pop out this end.

  4. Looks like it might be worth a stay in the Sandbox if one were assured a dinner invitation to Chez Sabra. Even though I'm a vegetarian, I'm salivating over the eggplant! Will be trying that recipe. This also presents the opportunity to say I love your blog. Although there are so many on my list of favorites I don't dare read each one every day, yours is one of the few I never miss (eggplant or not).

  5. Dammit, Sabra, ya made me drool on the keyboard. Best looking eggplant ever.

  6. Your dinner looks absolutely scrumptious! We had pork roast for dinner tonight, too, but I've never made eggplant like yours. It'll be fun to try.

  7. drool, drool, drool....this is what i'm doing early in the morning.

    That looks yummy to say the least...bon appetit!!

  8. Glad your dinner was an overwhelming success! It all looks amazing.

  9. It all looks, well....good enough to eat!

    Well done, Sabra!

  10. I don't know if they have these in the sandbox, but try cooking the next pork roast in a roasting bag. I never have any problems with a roast being dry when I use one of those.


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