Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Xes In A Closed Society

Truly I believe that the segregation of the xeses here causes some of the problems. I know that those who live in The Sandbox believe otherwise, but there is something to be said for growing up - unsegregated - and learning how to deal with members of the opposite xes. I just don't buy this concept that it keeps the girls chaste and that it keeps men from thinking about what normal men think about [and yes, I am well aware that normal girls think about "things" too!]. I mean. Come on. How else do you explain all of the blackmail, arrests for "khulwa," and rape. Not that rape doesn't happen in other countries, but... The segregation causes other social issues, as well. Young men have no idea how to interact with young women and vice versa. Certain social graces go completely by the wayside. Because the culture does not allow young people to know any differently. My opinion. I have no factual data to back my claims up. I am simply stating what, to me, are general observations.

What is this? Who makes fun of rape? "Honeytrap rape." Is that supposed to be funny? Is there something comical about the violent crime of committing rape? No. I think not. "Police arrested two men and a woman who were involved in the rape of a man who was then blackmailed into paying cash to the trio..." [You read that correctly. "The rape of a man..."] "The man developed a relationship with the woman over the phone, which led to the pair going on a date... The man was, however, met by two huge men instead of the woman and taken to an apartment where he was filmed being raped by the men." Anyone care to play guess the nationality? And was this some form of punishment by the two men of the "rapee" for having a telephone relationship with the woman? Doesn't the woman have to accept some responsibility for her part in this, too? Do these kinds of things happen in societies that are not segregated? [Yes. Of course I know that rape happens. But not like that.] [Oh - and there are two crimes, there. Rape AND blackmail. Someone tell me how often blackmail is reported anywhere else in the world, outside of the Middle East.]

Tell me where else in the world, again, outside of the Middle East, where "khulwa" is a crime. Another couple has been "detained" in The Sandbox for carrying on an illicit relationship. "The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice [CPVPV] detained... a man and a woman residing together... on charges of 'khulwa.' The man [guess the nationality!]... claimed the Asian woman with whom he was sharing the flat was his wife, but investigations... provide that to be untrue and that their relationship was illicit." How did the couple get caught? Did the CPVPV just happen to be there? Did someone report them? Interesting, isn't it, that the CPVPV catch so many couples in "khulwa?" The same article has a one-line report about how the CPVPV "also detained a young man for attempting to lure a minor." What is that? Attempting to lure a minor? And how did it happen? Did the young man offer candy to the minor and say "come with me?" Was the minor a boy or a girl? And what was the young man's nationality? Seems to be important enough to report it when it is any nationality other than Saudi.

The attempted kidnapping of a young girl is reported here and here. The CPVPV were there and managed to foil "an attempt by four youths to kidnap a girl." What, exactly, were the four youths intentions, I wonder. Two of the youths have been detained. How long before they "confess" and tell the CPVPV who their other two accomplices are [if they haven't, already]? "The gang... attempted to grab a girl... after repeated attempts to convince her to get into their car. The four drove at walking pace alongside the girl and reportedly showered her with lewd remarks, but when they were met with a firm refusal the driver got out of the car [you're doing it wrong - dumbass] and grabbed the girl... and tried to force her into the vehicle." The CPVPV were nearby and the girl was released. I'm guessing the "gang" had intentions of more than just offering the girl a ride home, but who knows. Thankfully nothing happened and two of the "gang" members are in custody, probably singing like pigeons as they make their confessions. No nationality of any of the "gang" members or of the girl is mentioned.

What makes me think that the above-mentioned "gang" is going to confess? Criminals always confess to their crimes in The Sandbox. Like this Yemeni man. He has confessed to being responsible for "a number of crimes." To put that in a little bit of perspective, read this: "Police in Tanuma are conficent that they have put an end to a sweries of house and school burglaries in the region with the arrest of a Yemeni who has confessed to a number of the crimes. Police in the area had been working intensely to catch several thieves responsible for the burglaries, and believe they can now close the case following the detention of the Yemeni man on Tuesday." [Emphasis, mine.] Anyone else see just a teeny, tiny little inconsistency there? Anyone else think that the "series of house and school burglaries in the region" is going to stop now that ONE Yemeni man has been arrested? Um-hmm. Anyone curious as to how confessions are obtained? A caterpillar in the same cell as the detainee. That does it every time. Just ask William Sampson.

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  1. I guess there is some 'reward' for informing the CPVPV about this 'khulwa' business or else how else do you think they land up at the right place and at the right time? The 'informers' must obviously be people who would have tried to get cosy with a woman, maybe she refused and then he takes it up to spy,eavesdrop or whatever and get the woman in trouble.


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