Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Up To 33

A Saudi man was beheaded yesterday after being convicted of murder. Last year 102 people lost their heads. That means, by the end of June of this year, the total has to be at 51 to keep up. If they execute the the six men who raped the woman a few weeks ago they might be able to stay on target. The crimes punishable by beheading, or execution, are: rape, murder, apostasy, armed robbery and drug trafficking.

You're doing it wrong. You've missed the point on this one. Four students have been sentenced "to cleaning duties in exchange for a suspension of their prison sentence after being charged with the destruction and misuse of school property." The idea is a good one. That, I don't disagree with. But the fact that the judge has determined that "the duties be conducted outside of school hours to spare the quartet any embarrassment on the part of fellow students" is wrong. A good dose of humility would go a long, long way in The Sandbox. The boys would genuinely learn a lesson. This way? Not so much. Oh, and three hours for four weeks? Big deal. Make them give up an entire Thursday - and make them start work when the other cleaners start - early in the morning. Just my opinion...

Has anyone on this side of the world ever wondered why there are so many obese women and why there are so many cases of diabetes, here? It is attitudes like this. Instead of encouraging women to exercise it is discouraged. For more reasons than just the fact that women's clubs would "open the way for practices that lack modesty and decency. They would lead towards removing the abaya and wearing clothes that reveal parts that should be covered... They would lead to the Westernization of society." Gimme' a break.

For all my posts on PCRC and the fact that the traffic police are not allowed to do their job, when they finally do try to do it, what happens? They get beat up. "Two officers entered [a] busy bank to call drivers who had parked their cars improperly outside." [Read: The cars were parked on the sidewalk directly in front of the bank's entrance.] "The bank manager, sick of overcrowding at the bank, lashed out at the officers accusing them of not doing their job." So - when they finally do try to do their job, instead of thanking them, you lash out at them? Dumbass. "The war of words grew worse and the two men began physically fighting. They were then taken to hospital for treatment and the manager was arrested." Good. I hope he gets punished. And, kudos to the two officers who were actually trying to do their job.


  1. If you can, check out the opinion piece by Samar Fatany in the Arab News. It's a good article.

  2. Thanks, Linda. Will give it some space tomorrow! Got caught up with Saudis on Planes when I was looking for the opinion you sent to me...

  3. Sounds like a female personal trainer willing to go to the homes of health-conscious Saudi women might be a moneymaker?



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