Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Acid: Face for a Face

This is the first time that I have read of someone disfiguring someone with acid, here, in The Sandbox. Yes, I am aware of the woman in some other country that was blinded by acid and will have the man that did that to her blinded as well. The man gets anesthesia though, while the woman he blinded did not. What country is that taking place in, Pakistan? Not that it doesn't take place here - I just haven't seen it reported, until today. And, why, someone tell me, is the victim fully identified but not her attacker?

The case is before a court in Riyadh. "A 34 year-old Saudi woman... is accused of disfiguring and burning a Syrian woman by showering her with acid." The woman on the receiving end of this horrific act, last January [it if would have been reported in the papers - I would have posted on it, here], had concentrated acid poured on her "making her virtually blind, and disfiguring her face, head, ears, parts of her nose, breasts and almost every inch of her body" says the victim's father. It is worth noting that the victim's father is a doctor; if he was just a common laborer I doubt very much this case would be before the court. At one point, the father was willing to accept SR7 million [$1,876,675.60] in damages but his daughter wants retribution, instead. Can anyone blame her?

The two women, Shauq, the victim, and Norah, the criminal, were, at one time, close friends. The father says, "Norah might have been jealous of Shauq's beauty or because Shauq refused to pay her some money that she demanded a few days before the attack." If you were jealous and that is the reason you did this - you need to grow up! You are 34-years-old. For the love of Pete, you're not in high-school any more. Get a grip!!! Shauq gives details of "the horrid experience," here. As soon as the matter is again reported on, I will post on it. In the meantime, "Norah is currently detained in a Riyadh prison. She refuses to talk to the media or the authorities about the crime she is charged with."

Where does a crime of this magnitude fit in on the scales of justice? If she is found guilty, will she be imprisoned for life? Will she receive lashes and then get beheaded? Or, will the victim be allowed retaliation by doing the same to Norah that Norah did to her?

There is more going on in The Sandbox, today. The usual. A blackmail case. Another disposable worker dead in a work-related injury. An internet cafe has been busted for downloading skin-flicks in a "pay-per-view" service [the law of supply and demand applies!], and another short article on the story from yesterday of a girl young woman and her brother who were raped for eight years... Commenter "SA" hit the nail on the head when she said that the brother was having "fun" with the guy and then threw his sister under the bus... Did I not say I smelled something really funny with the story? Yes. I did.


  1. Sadly, these acts are not uncommon. Hardliners (Afghanistan, tribal areas of Pakistan, rural India, even downtown Chicago) find cases where acid is used as a revenge tool. Most probably the process going through the attacker's head would be

    "Want To Kill. Too scared. Let's injure. Bodily Harm. Too difficult. Might resist. Chainsaw too heavy/not available. Acid cheap. Result instantaneous. Can coverup as accident. Where did I keep it? Ah! Here you go b***h!"

    And even more sadly, it revolves around women a lot. Due to its ease of domestic availability and lack of brute force required, and (perversely) lack of messiness.


    -The Fark Knight

  2. I realize the acts are not uncommon, farkknight, and it sickens me. Up until today I'd not read of a case here - but that doesn't me it doesn't happen. But then I do not have the mindset of "wanttokill..." either, so a big part of me just doesn't get it.


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