Sunday, April 26, 2009

Any Sympathy for My Sunburn Out There?

Yeah. Probably not, huh. I "worked" for almost five hours today. Been out there since about eleven o'clock. Did not put nearly the cream on my shoulders or back that I should have - and was actually IN the water!

Today was our first 100 degree day, outside. Summer IS here! Pool temperature is 82 degrees. Ahhh. It was lovely.

Oh, and last evening for the second time in her entire life, The Baby got her own tennis ball out of the pool without any help from her Big Brother. Now it is a game. How quickly can she retrieve it? I throw it - she waits until the ball gets to the edge of the water - and snaps it out of the big water bowl in the ground. She'll be jumping in after it, in no time. That's my plan. Teach her that she CAN swim and how much fun the pool and a tennis ball can be. Be assured photos will follow.

In the meantime, my shoulders and back are a little pink. No. They are not a little pink. They are a lot pink! I should have known, but just didn't think I was going to be out for so long... Oncologists need jobs too. Especially in this economy.

Any sympathy? No? None??? I didn't think I'd get very much, here. Another beautiful day in The Sandbox. Forecast for tomorrow? Same as today... Life IS good!


  1. No sympathy, Imelda Marcos-in-the-sand. Any temp over 99 F. means sensible people like myself will hide in the basement like a bat, awaiting dusk and the hour of feeding. Sunlight: it burns!

  2. I knew I wasn't going to get any sympathy, vermindust... Doesn't feel as bad - the burn - today. And it will turn to tan. If you think it is easy being a professional tanner...

  3. I feel your pain. Literally. I'm a bit pink myself. Aloe and vinegar. Takes the sting out and helps to prevent peeling. At least that is what my Nana said. Nana's don't lie do they?

  4. It was a gorgeous day out, yesterday, wasn't it Linda? Another beautiful day, today, too.

    Of course Nana's don't lie! I had DH put lotion on me last night and it doesn't feel as bad today. I'll be a little more careful out there this afternoon, though.

  5. Oooh, I wish I had a pool to get pink by! The weather here (California) is nearing swimming temps and I have no big water bowl to dip in. Enjoy!

  6. Sabra,
    The last comment was from me. It didn't take my name with it.

  7. No problem D-M. You must be in So. Cal., right? Spoke to F-I-L last night, who lives outside of San Diego, and he says it has been lovely outside - they need rain though - their avocado farm is suffering.

  8. Well, you certainly have MY sympathy!! Raised in SoCal in the 60's when sunscreen didn't even exist (remember Sea 'n Ski?)
    Burn, peel, burn, peel-- all summer long!! I know it HURTS!!

  9. I am so lucky that I rarely burn! I should with some of the burns I've gotten, but don't. They are pink - red - then turn into tan.

    Thanks for the sympathy, Barbara. Did not get the opportunity to work today. Tomorrow's work day is a scheduled one. Tuesday afternoon is the girls at the Sabra's pool. Always fun!

  10. Sabra,
    Actually, I'm in central CA. Just south of Sacramento. It's really nice in the spring and autumn, but come summer, it's a lot of triple digits and upper 90's. I love my A/C and wish, oh wish, we had a pool. Thankfully, we don't deal with much humidity, and most evenings it'll cool off 20-40 degrees because of our Delta breezes. Sweet!

  11. Im the sort that burns if I stand by the window on a sunny day...sheesh!!! And I burn UP...crispy and well done.

    I generally wear 3 quarter sleeves just because Im too lazy to wear sunscreen...

    Enjoy your pool...I will think of you as I lean over the kitchen sink spraying some cool droplets on me. sigh

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