Saturday, April 11, 2009

human clown car reality show

Well that didn't take long. The human clown car IS going to have her own show. She's got 14 kids; Jon and Kate only have 8. Jon and Kate have made the money they set out to make. Time for them to move over. Click here for a most flattering picture of this woman. She should be embarrassed. She isn't. She is an attention seeking ________ and she's getting everything should could have dreamed of, and then some. Somewhere I recently read that she is applying in California for WIC and something else because she can't afford baby formula. Hmmph. Really? Is California going to make her sign some sort of agreement that she will have to repay the State for all the money she's sucked out of the system so far and for days to come? I hope so. Here's the question: Are you going to watch her show??? I for one, will NEVER EVER tune in. I don't watch Jon and Kate, either. I will admit to having seen a few episodes of Jon and Kate a while back, before I knew Kate was, like the human clown car, an attention seeking _______. Mostly I don't like or respect the way she treats her husband. Man-up, Jon. Take that skirt off, give it back to Kate and put a pair of trousers on for goodness sake. But since reality shows really are all about public humiliation...


  1. i used to be a faithful viewer of Kate/Jon until i got wind of 'the real backstory'. i was shocked that people really didn't like them because i figured hey, i'd be cranky and bossy, too, if i had to herd 8 kids AND a doofus husband.

    anyhooooo, after a bit o' research (including the website of Kate's sister-in-law) i dropped that show like a hot rock. i think i could forgive almost anything but her snobbiness ingratitude.

    as far as outrage over Nadya, i'm in a bit of 2 minds. it's obvious she's mentally ill.


  2. What's the sister-in-law's website, SA? I've done some research - enough to know the poor little kids were on tv while they were being potty trained, that Kate said no to "unmatching" donated cribs, etc. And, of course, to see the few episodes where she emasculates her husband on world-wide television. No thanks. Not watching it. Not supporting the products she advertises. GAP is a big one. And, I used to like GAP. No more. Whatever. So did you vote "never" or "only by accident." [I only have two votes so far!]

    apparently they've removed the aunt jodi vid but i found it here

    there's lots out there if you search kate gosselin.

    also something i thought was really weird - with 8 kids, NO grandparents, no aunts, uncles, cousins etc etc?? what's the common denominator? Kate & Jon

    i voted "only by accident" because i also rubberneck at accidents so i have to be honest with myself! LOL


  4. I vote never, but is meaningless since i do not watch TV at all. Who is John and Kate? No, don't answer: I have only six brain cells left and i don't want to waste one on that.

  5. oh HER. i thought you were talking about that family with like 18 kids - THAT woman's vag is a freaking clown car. this woman just has a problem (and the bloody media keeps feeding it...argh).

    i don't watch reality shows, so that's not really a question for me. i just wish someone would get this woman some mental help.

  6. I voted never, Miss Sabra. But I must confess that I couldn't resist looking at the tabloid in the grocery checkout line with the human clown car on the cover this morning.

    She is one sick mother.

    I feel so bad for her kids.

  7. I'm of two minds: on one hand, I hate to see this behavior rewarded with attention. On the other, if she's on this show, I don't think she'll qualify for government assistance anymore.

    Either way, I voted 'only by accident' because if I happen to stumble upon it, I'll end up watching a few minutes.


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