Saturday, April 04, 2009

Stuff Like This is Usually Blocked

It was two years ago this month that the paper finally removed horoscopes. Weekly there would be letters to the editor complaining that having horoscopes in the paper was wicked and evil. Lots and lots of complaints. Seems like there would be so much more to worry about in the world, but some people are just so simple-minded... And if you want to check your horoscope here, those sites are typically blocked.

Anyway, a page on MSN this weekend says that my perfect "Kid" would have eight legs - not four. According to my astrological sign a spider is the perfect pet. What?!? Oh. I don't think so. The perfect pet for DH would be an iguana.

Just goes to show you how wrong the astrological stuff really is.


  1. YEA! I get to have a dog (German Sheperd) according to that site.

    My husband get colorful tropical fish. Ummm, NOT!

  2. Capicorn, Janice? My son fell into that one, too. He has a Heinz-57 and neither she ["Honey"] or he could be happier. I don't see him ever doing the grooming a German Shepard requires... And, I find it hard to believe I would "fit" best with something that I would be screaming "Honey, KILL IT!" as a pet. Spiders get such a bad rap.

  3. both were perfect for us.

    Me, I'm tropical fish, which is perfect for me, the only thing I don't like about tropical fish is cleaning the tank out.....

    Dh is a big Bernese (sp?) Mountain dog, and that too would be perfect for him.

    So in our case its perfect.

    Gill in Canada


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