Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This is not good news...

This whole swine flu ordeal. As if getting pork into The Sandbox didn't already pose problems, this is going to make it close to impossible. Thanks, USA, for NOT sealing your borders and letting anyone in - including those infected - so that this has to take front and center place in world news. [Although, personally, I think the news it is creating is just a cover-up in Washington to deflect from what are REAL and SERIOUS issues that no one seems to want to tackle. You know, things like Nancy's sudden case of botox induced amnesia. Stuff like that.] Today's paper says, "No swine flu cases found in Kingdom." No? Really!

DH flew with a Saudi last night who said to him, "You should not bring any pork back if you go to Bahrain." DH just chuckled. His co-pilot said, "They will be searching all Americans for this problem." Ahh, we - the American's that are here, right now - don't have swine flu, and most of us know you have to cook pork thoroughly. But thank you very much for the friendly advice. Really he was just being nice and giving DH what he thought was probably an incredibly profound "heads up."

Goes without saying that we won't be bringing pork through customs anytime in the near future. So much for BLT's and broccoli salad with bacon...


  1. call me paranoid and hand me my tinfoil hat - i honestly think this is an engineered virus that got out of a lab.

    we're just one step closer to a Resident Evil type scenario.

  2. Unless you someone is eating raw pig lungs i don't see how influenza is going to be spread by meat. Russia is banning pork imports from mexico too, as the flu outbreak gives them a reason to play tradewar without reciprocation. Poverty kills, a crowded bus and malnutrition kills; the shoulder-roast in my crock-pot is not a threat. (needs more onion, maybe some cumin.)

  3. My six year old son was having "flu like" symptoms today. I brought him to the Pediatrician immediately. They said, "it's just a virus". He is doing fine - fighting off whatever he has. Thank God.
    The media is blowing this WAY out of proportion. BUT....pediatricians are not even testing kids who come in to their offices with flu like symptoms for swine flu. Who knows how many people are actually infected. The death rate would probably be pretty low if we had an actual idea of how many people were really infected.

    To your husbands Saudi Arabian friend: Yes, I am sure it is the Americans and JEWS who are to blame for this swine flu outbreak. You Saudi's are to pure to ever get sick. Whatever!

  4. A couple of bloggers have opened bets that, at year's end, Swine Flu deaths in the US will be less than deaths from lightning strikes.

    I'd rather just send them money, no need for such a bet.

  5. It's just crazy, Miss Sabra. Like eating pork has anything to do with it! Speaking of, did you hear the Nation of Islam has forbidden it's members from catching it? Yep, their 'health officer' issued the edict. Evidently even the word 'swine' is haraam to these melonheads. (Not to worry DHS is changing the name to H1N1 or something. It will always be swine flu to me, tho!)

    And now you've got me craving broccoli salad with bacon...yum.

  6. Not gonna matter how "swine" flu is acquired. All it took was for the word "swine" to be used - and whoosh - getting rid of ALL pork in the Middle East [but not alcohol!]. Frustrates me beyond belief, DL.


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