Sunday, April 05, 2009

Who Picked These Men?

From MSN... The 10 "most handsome" [not the word which was used - but I've had enough visitors from Turkey coming here for 'xes' so I'm not using the word that WAS used] men over 40 include:

1 - George Clooney [yeah, okay, he belongs on the list even though he's never done anything for me - he is an attractive man but "hot, hot, hot" he is not, not, not]

2 - Denzel Washington [definite YES!]

3 - Brad Pitt [doesn't do a thing for me, but others find him attractive - I guess if you're into the whole "whimpy man metroxesual" thing, maybe]

4 - bho [you've got to be f^ck'ng kidding me! attractive? xesy? B.S. he only makes the list because the mainstream media goes goo-goo-ga-ga over him - he makes me want to gag and choke - skinny, gawky, ugly - nothing remotely xesy about him]

5 - Hugh Jackman [sure, if you think clowns are xesy]

6 - Anderson Cooper [only if you are into yag men and pip-squeeks]

7 - Van Jones [maybe kinda sorta - until he opens his mouth and spews green]

8 - Hugh Laurie - [nah, I don't think so - unless in a "friend" type of way - eww!]

9 - Gavin Newsome - [nope]

10 - Javier Bardem [oh my gosh - YES!!]

Anyone care to weigh in on this? Do ALL ten of these men belong on this list? Oh - and at least two of them are NOT men. Males, maybe. But definitely not men.


  1. putting aside all personal feelings and trying to judge strictly & objectively on looks alone:


    1 - George Clooney: NO. frat-boy cute never did a thing for me. aging frat-boy does even less. even when he used to be on 'Roseanne' as a very young man, he always looked puffy/doughy.

    2 - Denzel Washington: MAYBE, leaning toward NO. he was definitely more beautiful as a young man. he does have some amazing lips though.

    3 - Brad Pitt: NO. but when he was VERY much younger, he was startlingly attractive. actually, he's like meryl streep. gorgeous one minute and haglike the very next. (now mostly ick) funny thing, that. he has always given me the feeling he needs a good wash. don't ask me why. i don't know.

    4 - bho: NO. he does have a pretty smile but in general he's not all that in the attractive dept. distinctive among black men due to the prominence of his eyebrows. (look around and you'll see this is true) he also makes me think he needs a good scrubbing.

    5 - Hugh Jackman: YES! as rugged as a pretty-boy can get. only gets better as he gets older. if he DID need a good scrubbing, i'd be okay with it since i know it's lovely manly-hugh-sweat he got from doing manly things.

    6 - Anderson Cooper: YES. he's just too pretty not to be on the list. he should be a little statue sitting on my mantle.

    7 - Van Jones: YES! {fans self} i melt for big shoulders.

    8 - Hugh Laurie: NO. i don't see anything noteworthy. very very bland.

    9 - Gavin Newsome: NO. not being ugly doesn't qualify him. he reminds me of whitebread prep-school boys who murder local schoolkids and spank each other...

    10 - Javier Bardem: YES!!!!


  2. Agree with you on Brad Pitt, ShyAsrai. Still don't see it on Hugh Jackman - but then - the picture they posted was not at all flattering. Anderson Cooper - can't agree. Too geh and effeminate looking for me. Gave Van Jones a yes - as long as he keeps his mouth shut. Definitely agree with you on Gavin Newsome. And a great big yes to Javier Bardem!!!

  3. Sabra, I agree with all your comments; Denzel, YES! Maybe George.

    What I want to know is why didn't Vin Diesel make the list? He's the HOTTEST man I've seen in a LONG TIME.

    Only my opinion of course.

  4. Vin Diesel should have at least taken Hugh Laurie's place on the list, if not even further up.

    I didn't pick 'em, Janice. Just cut and pasted. That bho made the list as one of the sexyiest is beyond my being able to fathom, though!!!

  5. ***George Clooney - wow, refreshing I'm not the only one who finds him not that attractive. I've never understood all the fuss over him

    ***Denzel - I can c why ppl find him attractive, but it's not my favourite

    ***Brad - thanks again! I've never found him attractive, then i slowly started seeing why ppl found him attractive and nowadays i find him really lifeless, too skinny and very weird looking, just weird

    ***Barack Obama - I have always found him very hot bc of the brother swagga, his intelligence intellectual and esp. emotional. when he smiles it's to die for. And he is simply tall, dark and handsome. His skin color is to die for; just that perfect mix of black and white and you get a very attractive mutt.

    ***Hugh Jackman - why is he on the list ?

    ***Anderson Cooper - YES YES YES, and let me explain. when i first saw Andy I didnt find him attractive. I felt he had eyes out of this world but he looked to "gayish" and skinny for me. Then, as I got to know him, I started to like his personality a lot and then started to see that very manly/rugged side to him. AC has several sides; sometimes more soft and feminine and sometimes very rugged and manly. depends on the situation and the picture. And then he started exercising...and looked a lot more manly. even so, I like effeminate looking men (not overly but just the right dose like anderson). I didnt know it at the time but it grew on me. Anderson Cooper is just one of those guys that it takes time to truly appreciate his hotness.

    ***Van Jones - no comment

    *** Hugh Laurie - I second your "ewww" moment

    ***Gavin - ??? I can see why. nice eyes and facial shape but not my type

    ***Javier - not for me

  6. Responses are good, Anonymous, even if we don't agree. And I totally agree with you on George and Brad. Don't see it with Anderson - but to each his own. And will NEVER see it with bho. But then, I go for strong looking men. Tall, blonde and handsome. And very, very strong jaw bones - i.e., Javier. DH has the same jaw bone. And he is very tall, blonde and incredibly handsome!

  7. vin diesel A BIG YES YES YES...

    not only is he handsome, he's got that voice.


  8. Next week we'll run our own Top Ten! Vin Diesel can be included. And so can Captain Stilettos! Oh My Gosh. You should see him in his uniform. So dayum handsome... As handsome today as he was the day I met him... No. Even MORE handsome!

  9. I am disappointed that Sean Connary didn't make the list. Even at his age, I would do him.

  10. i have a bit of a "thing" for Jackman, so i think he belongs on the list. ;)

  11. Don't recall enough about Sean to know if he should have been on the list or not, Findalis. Probably one of the only people I know that just cannot stand James Bond flicks!

  12. To each his own, falnfenix. You, obviously, are NOT alone or he wouldn't have made the list, right?

  13. I know I'm a little late commenting, but I mostly agree with you. I'm glad I'm not the only girl out there who doesn't like her men prettied up.

    However, I didn't know who Van Jones and Javier Bardem were and had to look them up. I didn't find Javier to be that great looking, but Mr. Jones is quite fine. I do disagree about Hugh Jackman. He makes my heart go aflutter--nothing wussy or metro about that man! I would add Russell Crow to the list; I guess I have a thing for macho Aussies. :>)

  14. I didn't know who Van Jones was either, Dawn-Michelle. But Javier Bardem played the psycho in "No Country for Old Men," and did a most excellent job! There is something about him... I don't get the Hugh Jackman thing, but I'm sure it is just me. And Russell Crowe? Like I have already said, to each his own.

  15. Wow, I had no idea so many women were so anti Hugh! Haha. I don't really get your clown comment... ? He's pretty much the only one on the list I do really like (talk about talent). Well, and Javier.

  16. I, personally, just think he is funny looking. Apparently I am alone in thinking so, though, Kath.

  17. Nope! It's not just you, that's what makes it so much fun to talk about :o) I just thought maybe your clown comment related to a movie or something I didn't see!


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