Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pirate is a big Pansy. Plus, a Word Game!

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Pansy. Not the word I wanted to use. My Dear Mother sometimes reads my blog and I know she would vehemently disapprove of my using the word I wanted to use.

You were such a big man when you and your co-horts had guns and other ammunition with which you decided to hijack a US ship. You were such a big man when you and your co-horts had a gun on Captain Phillips while a ransom was being negotiated. [Heh. How'd that work out for your co-horts, again? Thank you NAVY SEALS!!!]

Your mommy wants us to believe that you are just a brainwashed youngster who was "coaxed into piracy by 'gangsters with money.'" Yeah. Right. She wants to come to America to be here for you to change your diapers wipe your tears and the snot from your nose during your heart-tugging crying jags. [Ah. No. We need another thug in America like we need another tax!] You lied to authorities about your age on more than one occasion - so no one really knows hold old you are - sixteen, eighteen, twenty-something. You are NOT sixteen. And so what if you are. Your daddy says you were a good boy going to a respectable school
[snort!] when you left with the pirates. No sympathy for you. None whatsoever. Less than none. None for your family either. That you are from a family that your daddy can't support is not my problem. Perhaps he should have thought about how he was going to support his family before... Oh, never mind.

Too bad. Quit 'chur crying. Man up. At least for the time being. You know that 'teh one' will do everything in his power to show his pansy-ass side, too, and try to get you out of the trouble you're in. You know. To show the kinder, softer, gentler side of us terrible 'Murrican's and how we are the entire reason for man-made disasters world-wide.

And at least you've got a lawyer and the ACLU on your side. Best thing that could have happened, in my most humble opinion, would have been a boating accident off the back of the Bainbridge. I have no doubt that the fine sailors on that Ship considered such a scenario because now, instead of a piracy trial, we're in for a spectacle about how awful it was of some Americans to shoot and kill a couple of sea thugs and there will be show-trials and commissions and investigations and all sorts of other waste of taxpayer money type happenings that shouldn't take place in the first place.

You are nothing but a yukssgifupnc* [unscramble the letters to make two words!], Abdiwali Abdiqadir Muse. The more scourge like you and your ilk that are eliminated from the world only serves to make it a much better place for the rest of us.

*See? A word game. Don't ever let it be said that I'm not a giver.

Sweetness & Light has a good post on this and confirms much of what I was only "speculating" on. [This pansy is the oldest of 12 children - his father is poor and can't feed his family. Didn't I imply he shouldn't have been doing the wild thing if he couldn't afford the consequences of his actions? Why, yes. Yes I did. The lawyer for this little pos continues to lie about his age. But to top it off, there will be book and movie rights. I say that any income received needs to be used to repay the U.S. government for the efforts expended in saving Captain Phillips.]


  1. "yukssgifupnc"

    Suck If Gun Spy
    Fussy Cup King
    Yucks Fun Pigs
    Picky Fuss Gun

    Yes, that's it,
    he is a "Picky Fuss Gun!"

  2. Dayum, vermindust, you ARE good!

    [Although if you would have read the rules carefully, "unscramble the letters to make two words" you would know that I have to disqualify you as the clear winner.]

  3. oh GAWD! as my despair grows, so does my hatred of Teh Wun.


  4. Actually, SA, I think he's going by "the won" now, because he won - he said so. Doubtful your "hatred" can be more than mine. But it is nice to know I am not alone.

  5. Beautifully articulated!! My thoughts exactly!! Only in America would he be able to get a defense. Unbelievable (or not) !!


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