Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ban on Pork

It is going to happen. There will be no pork in Bahrain. This article was in yesterday's paper.

"Pork consumption is forbidden in Islam." Yeah, well so is alcohol, and I don't see that being banned. Why? Money. Bahrain would lose a lot of money if it banned alcohol. The Causeway would be empty and Saudi AND Bahrain would both lose a lot of money. The restaurants and hotels in Bahrain would lose money. It all comes down to money and it has nothing to do with what is allowed or forbidden. But, now, with the outbreak of a flu from pork products from Mexico, the rest of the world is frantic. And, doesn't anyone think that perhaps this has more to do with politics than anything else? I think so.

Something about Mexico's corrupt government collapsing. I fail to see how that needs to be the United State's problem. Close the borders. Put a big wall up. Half the drug problem would be solved if the United States would quit being such a wimp and actually take measures to keep ALL illegals out. Quit letting them have any services - no welfare, no hospital care, no education. Other countries do it. The United States could too, but it won't. Whatever. It has nothing to do with swine flu. It has to do with politics and government - which, in my humble opinion, is at an all time low.

Not that pork is a big deal. We can live without it. But bacon is just one of those little pleasures that we have over here that is nice to have occasionally. Not at the risk of either a two month jail term or a fine of 3000 SR, though [$804.29].

"Sheikh Adel Al-Moawada, who also heads Parliament’s Foreign Affairs, Defense and National Security Committee, said the decision, if implemented, would be in line with religious thoughts and would promote a healthy atmosphere." But alcohol doesn't seem to need to be included. Just admit it. That it all comes down to money.


  1. They'll get my bacon when they pry it from my fat, greasy fingers.

  2. It's gonna happen, vermindust. We won't be enjoying yummy pork products here much longer [this from the woman who doesn't eat beef or poultry - but will eat pork].

  3. Speaking of pork---I see they are slaughtering all pigs in Egypt as a "precaution" although no cases of 'swine flu' have been reported.

  4. Yeah, I saw that too, Barbara. Like kissing a cute little Wilbur is going to infect you. The population is inundated with dumbasses over here. Can't be helped. Inbreeding and all.

  5. Just one little comment and probably also a correction on this article. A wall in the border will not solve the problem of illegals in the US, most of illegals did not walk through the bridges nor swam the river or took a boat in the ocean to go to the US. They LEGALLY crossed the border - either took a plane or walked through across the river - and were checked by the US immigration officers; they simply overstayed their permit to stay in the US.

  6. So, close the borders. I don't know who you are Anonymous, or where you're from, but I know just to even fly home from Saudi and then back to Saudi my Visa is inspected by no less than a half dozen people. I will admit to not knowing what the general rule is as far as "permitting" people to stay in the U.S. What is it, three days? A week? Thirty days? After that? You get a stamp on your passport when you try to "exit" and you are not allowed back in. If they stay longer - how is it that they are doing so? They get a job? Check the database of SS numbers, or something. Does the paperwork match up? There has GOT to be SOMETHING that we American's can do to close our borders. Other countries do it. I refuse to believe it is that difficult of a concept. I do, however, believe we don't do it because of the politics involved. Not arguing your point - which is, in my opinion, quite valid. Just asking what the solution is, then? Any ideas???

    Oh, and how about if we quit giving services to illegals? You're not in the States legally? No welfare for you. No emergency medical treatment for you. Nothing! May sound harsh... But we have to start somewhere.

    Thanks for visiting, and thank you for commenting. Other opinions are always welcome whether they match mine, or not.


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