Sunday, April 12, 2009

That Bad Image? Continued...

The CHILD that her mother was trying to get divorced from a pedophile, remains married to him. Not because of the CHILD or her mother, though. The old man does not want a divorce. The little girl is what, SEVEN or EIGHT?!? A CHILD! The court, apparently, felt compelled to uphold its earlier verdict that the CHILD "must reach the age of puberty before determining whether she would continue her marriage solemnized in June 2007." Almost two years ago...

The judge tried to convince the man to allow the divorce, to no avail. Doesn't the judge have the authority to make an independent ruling? Guess not. "Sources said if the elderly man continues to refuse and the judge sticks to his verdict, the Court of Cassation will hand the case over to another judge." How long is all of this going to take? And, has anyone even given any thought to what impact this marriage is going to have both psychologically and physically to this CHILD?

The article says that reporters "were barred from attending the court proceedings." Yeah. I bet they were. Don't want this getting out and adding to the Country's image, right? Like the eye-for-an-eye case with 15-year-old Ali that is happening, though, it is precisely these types of things - underage marriages, gouging out an eye - that gives others a perception of what this Country is like. Bad image. Brought upon yourselves...

And in other news:

Oops. I missed another one. A Saudi man was executed beheaded for rape and robbery, yesterday. It was not in the local papers. This makes number 22.

Another man's life has been needlessly ended, all because of a few men carelessly joyriding. In some countries this would be considered manslaughter. The man that is dead? A thirty-year-old Asian expat worker. Disposable. All three men involved need to be arrested, not just the one driver. Isn't this part of the new driving laws? No "joyriding?" Doesn't matter. The laws are not effective because the traffic police are not allowed to do their job.

More PCRC, here. Two busses collided; forty injured.


  1. Of course the judge can make an independent decision. How else could two ADULT couples (that I'm aware of via the media) who WANT to be married get forcibly divorced by a judge and in abstentia to boot.

  2. Didn't even think about those two cases, Linda. Most excellent point, indeed. Yes. The judge could have made an independent decision. The judge chose not to and will allow a pedophile to basically abuse in a most dishonorable manner - some might even call it rape - a CHILD!

  3. A little side bar to this child's most countries of the civilized world, it is illegal to sell your children. Not here. Daughters are sold off to the highest bidder all the time. It's just called a dowery here.


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