Thursday, April 09, 2009

Unarmed? You've Got To Be__ Kidding Me!

They are not allowed to be armed? Well, then. Of course they are going to be hijacked. Arm them. Heavily. Let them shoot first and ask questions later. Gotta luv the comments from Michelle's site, though. I know very little about this whole pirate and hijacking situation but for what has been in the news [on-line] in the past several months. Eagle1 is my maritime-expert-go-to-guy. Lots of news and information about "this whole pirate and hijacking situation" at his place.

It has been going on forever, though, like since the beginning of time, and it needs to be stopped. That this is how Somalians have chosen to make a living is just wrong but at this point that is their industry and it is how they prop up their economy. They hijack a ship and then someone pays millions of dollars in ransom to get the ship and the ship's crew back. We, collectively the people countries who pay the demanded ransom, are enablers and we have allowed the Somalians to become dependent on us.

My theory is that the Somalian government or Somalian mafia - whoever is in charge there - is in on this, one hundred percent. They set up the little boats for the pirates to use, they program the boats gps system, they provide the weapons for the pirates, and then once the deed is done, they reap the financial rewards. I would find it hard to believe that some Somalian pirate actually gets to keep all of the money for a hijacked ship. Then the Somalian's in charge sanction the pirates actions by not charing them with a crime. No, the Somalian rulers have made hijacking ships and injustry and have perfected it to an art form. Bingo. My theory has been confirmed, here and here. When I typed "gps system" at the beginning of this paragraph I do so in a tongue-in-cheek manner. Whoa. Looks like I was spot on with that, too: "Somali pirates are trained fighters who frequently dress in military fatigues and use speedboats equipped with satellite phones and GPS equipment." From here.

The ships, apparently, are not allowed to be armed due to maritime laws and then there is something to do with the fact that most ports do not allow armed ships to sail in and out. Anyone know the whats and whys to this?

Hijacking ships has become big business. The crews of the merchant vessels are not allowed to be armed and thus, generally, have no way to fight back. So what needs to be done - what can be done - to stop this?


  1. Privatly owned arms are practically impossible to get through customs and totaly illegal in half the countries on earth. This is not really a matter of arming the ships any more than arming pedestrians in a bad part of town, it's about the willingness of the Mayor or President to act.

    I would suggest sending warships to the home ports and burning the docks, to include the entire fishing fleet, tavernsand warehouses. You might notice that no one messes with the russian merchants, or kidnapps their diplomats. Not twice.

    start here:

    I know the US is vulnerable to reprisals. I also know it's worse to be nibble to death by mice because you are afraid of making a fuss.

  2. "You might notice that no one messes with the russian merchants, or kidnapps their diplomats. Not twice." Interesting point, vermindust. Very, very interesting. [Said in my best "Hogan's Heros" accent." Oh, wait. That was Germans, not Russians.]

  3. It's bullshit that they should be allowed to make money off of piracy. We are supposedly in a war on terror yet no one does anything to stop the pirates who are most likely funding terrorism?

    And women are flocking to the ports to get a rich pirate husband? Where the hell are the values of these supposed Muslims? Makes my skin crawl to think that I share the Earth with people like this.

  4. I think you are spot on with your theory, there CR!


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