Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bored With The News

No. Not bored. Frustrated. Still angry over the whole pork and swine flu thing and at how a government is orchestrating pandemonium. [Yet, still no anger from the masses out there about how we've got someone sitting in our highest possible office who will not even produce a birth certificate to prove he is allowed to be there.]

Had no idea there were "rumors" of women driving in The Sandbox. Face it, ladies. It is NOT going to happen. It is all about control. And men, here, are not going to give in and give that up. No doubt it has a lot to do with money, as well. If women could drive then all those drivers from other countries wouldn't be necessary. The companies that bring the foreign workers - drivers - in would see a drop in revenue. Women driving? Not gonna happen. "The head of the Traffic Administration... has denied rumors that a number of women have taken to driving cars in the streets of the city, saying patrols have not recorded a single instance of such a traffic violation." Apparently there were "numerous eyewitnesses" who claimed to have seen Saudi and foreign women driving. One official said, "On an average we register some 11,000 traffic violations per day in Jeddah, but we have not recorded a single one concerning women driving for the whole of the month." 11,000 traffic violations per day in one city, and you still, somehow, cannot get the PCRC under control?

Heh. Funny. File this one in the "Only in Saudi Arabia" file. A man entered a contest at a mall and was asked whether he would accept another wife - he said yes. [Buzzer sound!] Wrong answer. Well, it was the right answer to win whatever prize he won, but not the right answer as far as his wife was concerned. His wife asked him for a divorce. Dumbass. "However, some pious and kind people intervened and reconciled" them. Oh goody. A happy ending. Snort.

There's probably more. Here's a link to Arab News and a link to Saudi Gazette. Just not into it today. Going to go turn Fox News on so that I can seethe over what is going on in the States and mutter my disgust under my breath and hope for something awesome to happen that will turn things around there. And, by awesome, I mean... Oh, never mind...

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