Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Boy - Updated

The vet doesn't think that two pieces of roasted garlic tortellini is what is causing The Boy's "reaction" to something. Not sure what it can / could be. I've introduced nothing else into The Kids' diet; same treats as they have been eating for the last couple of years... No other "people food" because "Mommy loves you so much." Something from the yard? What??? Something a bird dropped? Do not know.

The Boy got an antihistamine shot and something to help settle his colon [big tube of gooey stuff I have to squirt down the back of his throat twice a day for the next few days]. NO FOOD today. NONE. Poor Little Guy. He keeps walking over to his table as if to say, "Anybody notice that we haven't been fed yet?" I keep picking The Baby's food up and setting it where neither of them can get to it. I put it down when I'm out in the kitchen and when she is out there with me and then tell her to "hurry up and eat before your Big Brother comes out." Tomorrow and the next day The Boy gets chicken and white rice. A couple of small portions. And that is it. Nothing else. Water.

The welts have not gone down yet. The vet did not want to give The Boy a steroid shot when his colon is acting up like it is [read: really, really messy deposits being left in the back yard], even though the steroids would have helped with the swelling of the ginormous welts that sprouted over night ALL over The Boy's body. Other than trying to tell me he is hungry - by pacing next to where the food bowl goes - he seems fine. Thank goodness. The vet did say this morning that a four-legged kid, the size of The Boy, would have had to have eaten a couple of whole garlic heads [not cloves - but the whole thing] for it to have affected him as seriously has he has been affected. The Boy weighs almost 120 pounds... He is not a small four-legged kid.

Benadryl. A cool cloth for his eyes or, better luke-warm tea bags - which are so red that they are hurting me. The tube of squirty gooey stuff twice a day. And no food until tomorrow morning. Poor Little Guy...


  1. I sure hope he's going to be better in the morning.

    Do you think he was stung by a bug out in the yard?

    My Beagle was stung by a bee and her "mush" swelled so much she couldn't open her eyes.

  2. I was thinking that as well, what about a bee sting.......I hope he feels better soon. Does Baby treat her big brother any better knowing he is ill?


  3. Vet says not a bee sting - The Boy wouldn't have had the internal upset. Had to be something he ingested. Still no clue, though.

    Swelling is down today. I will keep an eye on him outside to see what he could possibly get into out there.

    Thanks Janice and Gill!

  4. gotta be some critter he ingested like a bird, mouse or bug dead from poison.



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