Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Social Etiquettes

Misleading headline, here. It says, "Short courses on social etiquettes in high demand." Thought for sure I was going to be reading something along the lines of "how to stand in a queue and wait your turn," or "how not to be odoriferously offensive." Nope. It is a course teaching couples what to do to make their marriages work. Classes on REAL "social etiquettes" would go a long way here...

A Yemeni man was beheaded, yesterday, for shooting a young boy in the stomach and leaving him to die after the boy "fended off his attempts at rape." What's the head count, now?


  1. On Beheadings: That's one SOB who will never rape again, and a hundred more who will just stay home and watch television until the urge passes. We should have a saudi sword-jack on each of our navy ships off somalia to dispatch the pirate prisoners (and give the ACLU nightmares).

  2. You are on a roll tonight, vermindust! [Can you just imagine the ACLU's response? Oh my gosh. Lefty-head-'splosions going off like those little packages of fire-crackers that come all attached to each other on a string.]

  3. Male Secretary4/23/2009 09:24:00 AM

    i tell ya' the rape head count (the ones published) is only like 3% of the actual rates. Sad truth is, growing up here in Riyadh, I cannot count how many times some shady stranger tried picking me up, and that's only during GRADE SCHOOL! I kid you not. One of them almost succeeded and was able to molest me when I was in the 4th grade, luckily i was able to flee. Of course i never told anyone, cause even if i didn't know it was taboo back then, i was reluctant to say anything. I'm totally over it btw and i'm not like damaged or anything, I even lol about it sometimes, but what i can't lol about are those boys that don't get the chance to run away from their predators, it's a horrible horrible thing. The 'pick up' attempts by several losers kept on coming as the years progressed, I am 22 now and it still happens, I swear to god you just gotta laugh at it or it will drive you in to paranoia, WHY ARENT GIRLS PICKING ME UP LIKE THIS, if only! Lol. I'm sure almost all boys who grow up in the sandbox has had atleast 1 encounter with a pedo but you'll never hear anything about it nor will anyone come forward unless somebody else finds out about it accidentally or worse someone's corpse is found rotting in a remote area. Sad, sick, but true....only in the Sandbox. I'm sorry for any typos i'm using my cellphone cuz this blog just got blocked in my office network.


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