Friday, April 03, 2009

I Feel So Mean and Like a Heel

Whatever that means, "like a heel." It's a saying... Means I feel like a real monster for what I did.

Last night my Kids were going absolutely nutso every six or eight minutes. Two-legged kids out and about - walking in front of our house - and even with the blinds shut, my two four-legged Kids hear them and do the "ruffruffruffrufferrrruff" thing as soon as they "sense" a two-legged person walking within a six-block vicinity. So The Boy - who, was supposed to be near death poisoned - but thankfully wasn't - was going completely maniac-style ballistic. I could hear somebody outside. I quickly grabbed the camera and went racing out the front door to get pictures of whoever it was that was making "ooh ooh ooh" noises. Two young boys - probably eight and ten, maybe ten and twelve - happened to be walking by. I immediately snapped their picture [which - even though I was using my camera - didn't come out because I didn't have the flash on! doh!!!] and said, "Thank you." These two boys - cute as can be - adorable little boys [local boys] said, "You're welcome." Then as one of them went to turn the corner, the younger - smaller - one of them stepped through the bushes and waved at me. Enough to make my heart melt. It is not those two that were making the "ooh ooh ooh" noises. Adorable. Just adorable, those two little boys. Cute as Christmas! And, incredibly polite. Now I feel like a real heel for even trying to get their pictures - which didn't come out - but if they did get good pictures and I posted them you would be saying, "Ohhh, they are SOOOOOOO cute." And you - me, that is - are SOOOOOOO mean to try to get two young, innocent little boys in trouble. If I see them again, I will apologize and explain. They are owed that much. But thank you for letting me try to get your pictures - and since these two pictures I took didn't come out - can you come by again in the day time so that I can get good pictures of two really, really adorable, cute and nice, polite little boys? Hey. I'll make chocolate chip cookies and serve lemonade - or milk. Whatever you want. Oh, and if you could wear your thobes instead of jeans and polo shirts, that would be really good, too. Thanks!

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