Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jamie Foxx is an Asshole

And I hope he gets fired and I hope his new movie, whatever it is, gets such bad reviews it goes straight to DVD. Why is it okay for him to say racially charged remarks on his radio show [who even knew he had a radio show?] but it is NOT okay for Don Imus to say them. Apparently Jamie Foxx's fellow-air-heads called Miley Cyrus [who I don't care about but then I'm not a teenage girl, and don't have teenagers who are all "raged" with her] a "white b!tch" on the air of his show and said he hoped she contacted std's and got into drugs and said she should make a "xes tape and grow up." Don Imus called a woman's basketball team a bunch of nappy headed somethingorothers and got fired. No outrage for Jamie Foxx though.

You cannot have it both ways. If white people are not allowed to say "racially charged" comments in any way shape or form, then black people can't be allowed to either. If Jamie Foxx were to get fired though, it would be a racial thing. The white man holding him down. Give me a freakin' break!

And, because I can't resist, because polldaddy is "wicked cool," what do you think?


  1. Your poll has to have a "Who the hell is Jamie Foxx?" option.

  2. Sorry 'bout that Vermindust!

  3. I called his manager and his publicist yesterday and I was furious.

    He's a disgrace; an absolutely disgusting disgrace.

    Any Jamie Foxx movies we had here in the house went out in the trash - exactly where he belongs.

    Don Imus was fired for saying, "Nappy-headed ho's". I just want to know if the same reprecussions will be felt by the disgusting POS.

    I'm not a fan of Cyrus, but for crying out loud, she's a kid - 16-yo.

    Would Foxx recommend offereing the same advice to his own kin as he did to Ms. Cyrus? I didn't think so.

    I hope he rots in hell.

  4. Couldn't agree more, Sabra.

    I want to know where Rev Sharpton & Jesse Jackson are?

    Why aren't they leading the charge against this racist?

    I mean, it IS racist for a black man to call and teenage white girl a white bit*h, right?

  5. YEAH, DAISY! You go, Girl!!! Your sentiments are not without feeling elsewhere. I hope the same for him. If his next movie rots? I'll be a happy woman.

    I knew exactly what Don Imus said. I just didn't want to post it verbatim.

    Hoping he rots in hell, too. And that his career just took a HUGE nose dive.

    Yes. It IS racist for a black man to call a teenage white girl a white bit*h. Nothing but racist! Asshole.

  6. Crickets chirping, Janice.

    Chirp. Chirp. Chirp.

    But all hell would break if a white man said it about a black b!tch. Oh, let's just say Brad Pitt called someone - let's use Oprah {she's something else, in my opinion} a black money-grubbing 'ho. You think the sh!t would NOT be hitting the fan?!? Oh my gosh! We'd be non-stop Jesse and Al 24/7 for the next month on every single news station. We don't have to worry. Brad Pitt has already done Oprah, so it is never gonna happen, but if...

  7. I wonder if you heard the show yourself. If you did, maybe you'd notice that Jamie Foxx, while saying many other disparaging things about Miley Cyrus, did not himself say anything "racially charged" about her. His co-host, in describing her, called her a white bitch. Not defending anything else he said, you can't call him racist. Don Imus did make his comments though. If any of your bandwagon jumpers want to actually listen to the audio on thier own, you can hear it at Check out The Young Turks too


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