Wednesday, April 29, 2009

FUBO on the Tahoe - Honoring 100 Days

Updated: See bottom of this post.

In celebration of the first hundred days...

Pretty sure that we have the only truck in Saudi with a sticker that says, "FUBO." [FUBO? What does that mean? Fat, useless b!tch on-board. Fairies use better oxygen. Fair unbiased balanced opinion. Fan 'ur body odor. Gee. I don't know. Could mean a lot of things, I guess. FUBO.] One-Big-Assed-Mistake-America...

A gift from DS in Wisconsin. Thanks, DS!

To further celebrate the first 100 days with "teh one" being heralded as some sort of - something - something that he is NOT... I give you the best depiction anywhere on the interwebs that can be seen here [warning: NOT safe for work!].

From that same site, I swiped borrowed this:

Got the best laugh I've had in the last twelve hours there, as well. The-Quicker-Fucker-Upper. I am going to smile all day long with that one. Thanks, Vilmar!

Update: There are others out there that have great posts up about TQFU's first 100 days. Go here for a fabulous list of 100 disappointments and screw-ups. Go here to listen to Rush rattle off the top of his head a list of things TQFU has FUBAR'd - and also see a fantasy almost come true of Rush Limbaugh as President and Ann Coulter as Vice President talking about their first 100 days in office. A good, but lenghty, analysis is here [JammieWearingFool posted it]. I'll continue to add other sites when I come across those that I think are worthy of mentioning.


  1. hand sanitizer4/29/2009 07:36:00 AM


    I read your blog all the time, came here via Angry In Oman's blog. I like your witty take on the news there, but cant figure out your apparent hatred of the current president of the USA - whats the deal there?

  2. Has to do with the fact that I like keeping our money, hs, and NOT sharing it with other people.

  3. Did a little (very little) research on FUBO. Could be a couple of things. One, it is a football (not American football) betting site. The second, and my personal favorite, there is a site named It sells T-shirts dedicated to celebrating First Amendment rights and it stands for F***U Barak Obama.
    As for my disgust with our current prez, I don't mind sharing my money. I just like to choose WHO I share it with, and that is not those who have never held a job, don't want to hold a job and have been on the US dole for generations. Nor do I choose to share it with those who come to my country illegally, yet expect me to help foot the bill for their medical, their housing and their education. Come legally and we can talk about it. Otherwise, stay home.

  4. Hey, that Cavalier stratgy has worked really well....

    I'm from C-land, sorry.

  5. I should have been a little more clear with my answer to hs, Linda. You explained it much better than I did. I am not happy about paying for everyone that made bad decisions or for people like Henrietta Hughes and her low-life-good-for-nothing thirty-year-old son who have never worked a day in their lives yet want their own kitchen and bathroom. I don't want to foot the medical bills for ANY person in this country illegally or for ANY person who hasn't contributed to the system [i.e., paid taxes]. [I'm going with "F^cked Up By obama for FUBO - I'm going to have to check out!]

  6. Nothing to be sorry about, Janice!

  7. Hi, I work for we are the company who does the FUBO stickers and t-shirts among other products. I think is the betting site.

    First of all, that looks great on your car, with that licence plate!!

    Anyway, there is a great column by FUBO's creator Bob Lonsberry:

    He's a radio host and writer from Rochester, NY, where our company is located.

    If you go to, send us an email, we'd love to put your pic of the sticker in the fubo photo gallery! Even if you want to take a pic of the family around the sticker, we'd put that up too.

    God Bless you and keep you safe over there!

  8. Thanks, PatriotsNY. I sent the picture via e-mail. Post it anywhere you want. For obvious reasons the license plate has been cut to not show our plate number.

    Headed to the column by Bob Lonsberry, right now.

    There are a couple of shirts that I calling my name from!

  9. LOL! I love your FUBO sticker and your interpretations of its meaning are beyond funny, Miss Sabra.

    And I'm with you on that F*&^%d up by Obama one.

    Too much fun!

  10. Thought for sure someone would come up with other meanings for FUBO, for me. Can't top f^cked up by obama, though, DL.

  11. I like your FUBO sticker. The slogan of The-Quicker-F---Upper, is hilarious, yet, starkly true. Perhaps PatriotNY can convince his folks to make available "TQFU" t-shirts and bumper stickers!

    Ah, the first 100-days. A time when the media will measure the accomplishments of the President - a man elected to run a country based on campaign themes of “Change” and “Hope.” Of course, the not-so-objective main-stream media will gloat over the recent poll numbers regarding the President’s popularity. Mr. Obama had better enjoy this euphoria while it lasts.

    From the Wall Street Journal’s Opinion Hour, The Liberal Hour, April 29, 2009:

    “Mr. Obama is more popular than his policies, and sooner or later the twain shall meet.”

    And, not to let the rarely used word ‘twain’ go to waste, I’m reminded of a quote: “Lord save us all from a hope tree that has lost the faculty of putting out blossoms.” -- Mark Twain

  12. Most excellent idea for new stickers and shirts, StDiesel! "TQFU." Recent MSM poll to grade bho - more people gave him and F than any other grade 41% - and I just went back to the site for the link - F is down to 37%. Doesn't matter. 13% give him a D, 37 give him an F - total 50%. 37% give him an A and 7% a B - total 44%. It isn't any secret how I voted, that's for sure.

    Link here.

    You just have no idea how much this man disgusts me!

  13. Thanks for sharing the link. I clicked on your link which then took me to the poll displayed on… MSNBC’s web-site. How sweet is that?!! It’s just icing on the cake for me. I’ve gotta learn how to decorate cakes using artful lettering techniques. I’m only going to use these letters: FUBO. And speaking of icing, I hope the poll results frosts MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann’s clownish face. Perhaps Mr. Olbermann will get a clue and start reading the tea leaves. (Pun intentionally inserted.)

  14. Funny, but I seriously doubt you are even CLOSE to being a FUBO!

  15. Here is a place to get the Quicker-Fucker-Upper bumper stickers. These don't have that creepy "O" logo on them.


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