Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Turkey's Are Still At It

Honestly, I don't get it. You're coming here in hoards for something you aren't going to find. Can't you find your own internet cafe to go to and get what you're looking for? Did someone disable your satellites and you can't find what you want on TV? I'd be hard-pressed to believe that the majority of you did not already have a slew of the stuff snuff burned onto your computer hard-drives. What is so odd is that every single one of you are from Turkey. The IP's are all different so it doesn't appear to be the same pervert showing up time after time. I did have one visitor from Australia - but he was looking for something completely different albeit the same genre. He was much more specific. I'm assuming it was a he. Guess it could have been a she, though. Either way - a REAL sicko - looking for "womenfornicatingwithdogmoviesfree." Ahh, you, whoever you are, have problems and need to seek psychiatric help if you ask me. Perhaps you'd be better off just finding a tall building with racing traffic on the street below. See if you can really fly. Just a suggestion to:


  1. This is totally creepy, Miss S.

  2. Totally creepy, DL. They continue to haunt my site - all looking for the very same thing. I don't get it. What has Google done to me?!?


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