Sunday, April 26, 2009

Just another Dad, Luvin' on his Daughter

Yeah. I don't get it. But, then, I never will, either. How many father's rape their daughters? What are the statistics for this? Not just here, in The Sandbox, but all over. Sick. No matter how you look at it. A man has been "detained" while police investigate a "woman's allegation that her husband repeatedly raped their 21-year-old daughter at their home." Wait a second. Your daughter has been REPEATEDLY RAPED and you are just now calling the police? What the heck is wrong with you!?! You are almost as guilty for this crime as your perverted husband is, for goodness sake, if you knew it was happening and allowed it to continue. And, why is a 21-year-old not alerting someone to this? Has she been kept in a locked room for the last half of her life? Never mind. That is certainly plausible...

Kudos for the try, but, obviously, you're doing it wrong. "A 15-year-old girl shot herself in the head using her father's pistol at her parents' house." She is in the hospital in intensive care. Something is terribly amiss for this young lady. Ya' think? I hope that she recovers and is able to come to terms with whatever it is that was "bothering" her.


  1. Sickening, Miss Sabra. Just sickening.

  2. Umm-hmm. It is, DL. It is.

  3. The more I read about this culture/religion the more I believe they're all mentally ill. I know there are sickos everywhere, but it seems rammant in the ummah.

  4. No. You don't say. Read it again, Janice. Read it again. You are wrong. Can you say "Taquiyya?" Ahh. Bad word. Very bad word.


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