Saturday, April 04, 2009

Stats Continue Skyrocketing

Thanks to ALL the visitors from Turkey - every single one of them - who are searching for something they are not going to find at my place. Perverts. All of them. Two full days of them. Almost fifty a day. And, more today. It is still early. All have different IP numbers. They type what they are looking for into Google, who sends them to my site. Plenty of it out there - just not here. No doubt this site is a big disappointment to them. Good.


  1. it's the 'stilettos' LOL

    the pervs.


  2. Click on the site meter pages from yesterday, ShyAsrai. Not once was "stilettos" typed in. They are all looking for their "p0rn0tv." Which is not to say that I don't get some strange ones with "stilettos" occasionally...

  3. I wonder why then they get your site?

    Gill in Canada


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