Friday, April 03, 2009

A Lot of Disappointed Visitors Yesterday

UPDATE: More of them today. All searching for the same thing - and not finding it at my site - that's for sure. All of them coming from Turkey. What is up with that, I wonder?

Coming to my site for one thing. You didn't find it, either, did
you! Interesting that every single one of them was searching for the same thing and that every single one of them was from Turkey.


  1. Thank you, To Visit My. Your blog is blocked, here...

  2. Hi, I've been enjoying your blog for a while. It's a fascinating glimpse into another culture.

    I was wondering what the reaction is over there to Obama's is it being reported...and what meanings (if any) are being derived from it. Thanks.

  3. ToVisitMy should be blocked here, too. Now i have to run the Norton, bye.

  4. Big article in the front page of the paper - just bho and The King standing side by side. I didn't read the article. I will, later, and get back to you on it. Haven't left the house today to see anyone out and about to see what the reaction is, here, though. Tomorrow... Today? Cold, gray and rainy! Yes. More rain!!!

  5. Oopsie, vermindust! I'm guessing by just the one "entry" page that you must be 18 to visit that I might not be hanging out there too often anyway, right? What was it about - or didn't you get that far? Just curious.

  6. Hey Sabra, how were you able to produce those page views? Did you save them as jpeg's? I've been trying to do that for months now.

    And, I received your postcard this morning! YEA! Thank you so much, I'll add it to the thousands I've collected over the decades.

    Thanks again for your trouble!

  7. I do the "print screen" and then first paste it to "paint" and then save them in my HP photo-smart file as jpg's. I think I learned how to do it from a "help" file somewhere... Trust me - it isn't something that I came up with on my own. Far too technically challenged - you know that, Janice!

    Sending you a post card was NO trouble at all. Was happy to do it. You're very welcome.


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