Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Miss California

Carrie Prejean. A very, very pretty woman, no doubt about that. The new Miss USA is prettier, imho. And no, there is no bias there at all just because I consider home to be North Carolina. However, I have to say, I admire Miss California for having the guts and conviction to answer that queerascanbe-d-list-celebrity-wannabe in an honest way. And for the record, I, too, believe that marriage should be between only a man and a woman [ONE woman!].

You want to be some weirdo and do stuff behind closed doors that others might be offended by - that is your prerogative - but don't force it upon the rest of society. I hope that now that the queerascanbe-d-list-celebrity-wannabe has said that Miss Prejean's answer to the question is the reason she lost the Miss USA pageant, that he gets his pants sued off him. Literally. Miss Prejean may have the legal basis for a suit. You go, Girl!

Oh, and by the way, Miss Prejean - I didn't even know who Miss North Carolina - now Miss USA was - without googling her - and now you ARE a household name!

The only "Miss" anything I remember ever having won any beauty contest is Vanessa Williams. She did well for herself after her controversy. I hope that you succeed far beyond your wildest dreams and expectations, Carrie. Somehow I suspect it will be in a completely different venue than that Vanessa chose...


  1. Yeah, it was Vanessa Williams who got me to switch to diet coke. Those were great commercials. Unfortunately i now know who Perez H. is, and that has used up another vital brain cell i really could not spare. Feh.

  2. It is a well known fact that homosexuality was always there in history. But in later stage it became unacceptable by many. Becoming a Gay or Lesbian is inborn and it is controlled by their hormones. They are helpless. As we get attracted towards the opposite sex they get attracted towards same sex due to the brain pattern and hormone release.blogABN. As we can never imagine to have sex with the same sex the homosexuals cant imagine to do it with the opposite. As we got the right to marriage, they should also get the same as they are also humans. The pressure from church should be ignored as they always have a narrow minded approach. blogABNThink and behave like a human being and fight for human rights.

  3. Guess I'll have to search YouTube for the Diet Coke commercials, vermindust. Don't remember those and I'm a big Diet Coke drinker. Put Perez H. out of your mind and don't let him use up one of those vital brain cells. I understand that completely, by the way.

    I can't remember three things at the grocery store without a list, but remember the phone number from where I lived AS A CHILD in New Hampshire. Why?!? Vital brain cells and they're being consumed with data that I do NOT need any more.

  4. I don't agree with you 100%, ABN, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Regardless, whether someone chooses to be a homosexual is their own choice. I don't however, appreciate the indoctrination of it, do not think for even a nanosecond that school children need to be learning about it, and don't want it forced upon me as it seems to be. Totally disagree with you on the marriage thing. Opens the door to other marriages as well. One man + one woman = marriage. Anything else is a civil union - or something - but NOT marriage.

    Fight for human rights? ABN, you're from India and you want to discuss human rights? Just curious, and you do not have to respond, but what religion are you?

  5. i can't choose my sexuality any more than i can choose to have my heart stop, or the rain fall differently. i am myself, and i can’t change that just because people think i’m going against god. funny thing…it’s hard to go against something i don’t believe exists.

    i wish more people would see that...i really do. i wish people would stop demanding labels to segregate people. i hate being the subject of interrogation just because i'm neither gay, nor straight. i am me. i don't want to have to explain how i am me to anyone else, but i am put to questioning anytime i'm seen with someone who isn't male.

    the idea of having one's same-sex partnership recognized by the government is something i hold dear - it would be nice to know that if i chose to live as "married" with another woman, we would get the same benefits a "normal" married couple would get. unfortunately, that just isn't the way life is. there needs to be a better separation between church and state – allow human partnerships get legal recognition, but don’t put some religious sentiment on it. we’re all people, and as long as we’re all consenting adults, what business is it of some religious nut what i do in my bedroom?

    i’m not suggesting same-sex partnerships should be recognized by any church. i don’t care. i just want to know i have the same rights as any other person…as it stands, i don’t.

    funny sidenote: if people were so interested in banning gay marriage, why don’t they battle to enforce sodomy laws? most states have them, yet the vast majority of couples who engage in sexual behaviors would be breaking the law of that state. people seem to forget sodomy includes any sexual act other than intercourse in the missionary position…they always try to pin that as something only gay couples do.

    blah…sorry, i’m babbling. i’m just so sick of reading about this. it’s been everywhere lately (even on the Colbert Report).

    *disclaimer* i'm not trying to make you change your opinion, and i'm not trying to discredit you...just trying to show another side of it.

  6. Falnfenix - I really have a hard time accepting the argument that this is just the way some people are "born." That said, as I have already said, I could care less what anyone chooses to do behind closed doors [with the exception of including animals - the line STOPS there!].

    I didn't say that "civil unions" shouldn't be recognized, but I don't think that they can be or should be the same as "marriage."

    I can hardly be considered some religious nut, so let's not go there.

    I also don't care if the same rights are recognized by "civil unions" as are "marriages" and I don't really disagree on the issue except to say that with rights also come responsibilities and if you are going to have the "rights" then you have to accept the responsibilities.

    I do very much disagree with the amount of "IN YOUR FACE" that I associate with the same group of people that is fighting for this, though. It is wayyy over the top. I also believe that when you open the door to same sex marriages then you HAVE to open the door to a man having more than one wife or a wife having more than one husband. They both - marriages AND "civil unions" - must BE clearly defined so that that door stays shut.

    By the way, feel free to babble. As long as whoever wants to babble does so politely and respectfully without attacking me or any other commenter's, all babbles are welcome.

  7. If by "marriage" is meant "a partnership recognized by a religion" then I do not think government - certainly not any in the US - has any business getting involved to that extent. To many, homosexuality is not something their religion should condone, and I am OK (within limits - let's not go back to executing gays) that they should not be forced to.

    But the laws (in the US, at least) do not specify a religious aspect. Nor, largely, a sexual one. It simply has not been the practice for those authorized to sign the "marriage license" on behalf of the State to do so for non-heterosexual persons. In my own State (RI) a religious "marriage" is not recognized as a legal "marriage" even if you flew over the Pope from Rome to perform the ceremony - a person authorized by the State (which may be a member of that religion - but a Shinto priest cannot sign the "license"for a Shintoist "marriage") may act to record the "marriage" on behalf of the State.

    Which leads to the problems I have in denying the license on grounds which would not be acceptable for denying the license for a business partnership. The person with whom you have lived for twenty years is now in a hospital Intensive Care Unit? Sorry, if of the same sex you cannot visit - you are not recognized as "family." But if of a different sex, even if you do not have a State license, you may qualify under "common-law marriage" statutes.

    Which is why, though homosezuality disturbs me, I support changing the State's use of "marriage" to "civil union." Perhaps with a few exclusionary clauses - "two members of the species known as Homo Sapiens Sapiens" springs to mind (polygamy/polygany, inter-species) but might need tweaking.

  8. oh no! i'm not trying to insinuate that you're a religious nut...but those do tend to be the loudest voices against it.

    i just wish they'd stop and think for a moment what exactly they're trying to say. (this is why i brought up the whole sodomy angle - they seem to forget that's against the teachings of at least one version of Christian beliefs.)

  9. i never gave a real hoot about peoples' sexuality.

    i have, however, always, been grossed out by public displays of what should be private - and yes, i challenge advertisers to put thinking caps on their lazy heads and come up with a different ploy than SEX to sell something...

    i would venture to say that 99.99% of people disapprove of homosexuals NOT because they're 'haters' but because of such ridiculous and grotesque displays such as those documented here

    and at every Gay Pride parade, the horrible gay behavior over the CA proposition..

    on and on, one sees evidence of anti-social behavior.

    i've concluded that the only explanation for the violent and vulgar displays and behaviors of militant homosexuals are because gays don't want 'equality'; they don't even want 'acceptance'. they want APPROVAL.

    i think they think that the more outrageously they behave and dress, the less shocked people will be by the fact of homosexuality.



  10. I applaud Miss Prejean. Good for her for standing up to her beliefs.

    Good post, Sabra.

  11. Male Secretary4/23/2009 09:34:00 AM

    I have big respect for her just saying what she knows and believes instead of trying to please anybody. Kudos to that, even though i don't necessarily agree with her.


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