Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Head Count

Likely won't be in our papers until tomorrow, but JammieWearingFool says "Head Choppers Very Busy Today." Three executions beheadings. Count is now at 22 for the year. Must have missed a few along the way, somehow. And last year's count - The Australian says 102 - I think it was more like 108 or 116 - something like that. Hard to keep up. Statistics are out there. They just have to be "searched" for... The three men beheaded today - are all identified by name - but NOT nationality. Guess it can only be one way, here. If the name is mentioned, the nationality isn't. And if the nationality is reported, then the name isn't. Unless - and ONLY - if an expat is involved. Then you get all the information and sometimes even a picture!

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