Thursday, April 02, 2009

Six Years and 1,500 Lashes

Six years and 1,500 lashes seems a bit harsh, but then the crime... Pimping out his female relatives. No indication of how many female relatives this 37-year-old Arab expatriate pimped out - the article just says "all of them." There was evidence submitted that "allegedly proves the man was extorting money from his relatives and was forcing them to give themselves up for sex to a number of his friends after he got paid from them." No matter. He was a bad seed with his "previous criminal record involving liquor and theft."

Just another disposable expatriate. "Police are investigating the appearance of the body of a Pakistani man which was reportedly dumped... outside a medical clinic." Is he dead? Sure sounds like he is. Investigators said he showed "signs of having been in a violent struggle." This is the third in a week or so. Like I said. Disposable.

Love conquers all. Well at least for these two "girls." The article refers to them as "girls." At what age do females go from being "girls" to "women?" Twelve? Twenty? Either way. When their families force them to get divorced due to "tribal" or someone inane difference, it will be reported here. The Court has stepped in for Part One of this and "sanctioned the marriage of two Saudi women... despite their guardians' objections due to 'social reasons.'" Yes. "Social reasons." One "girl" has waited eight years to marry the man of her dreams. The other wanted to marry a non-Saudi. "The two girls had passed the usual age of marriage due to their guardians' continual rejection of the two men for over a decade." They are probably in their early 20's if they have "passed the usual age of marriage." Reportedly, they both work and their parents were interested in their salaries. Well. Okay. Then.

Looks like a small handful of women will finally be allowed to drive in The Sandbox. They are getting golf carts to drive on King Abdulaziz University campus. Buckle your seat belts! These are going to be some seriously tricked out golf carts if they can carry 20 students [they are called buses in the rest of the world] and come at a price tag of SR2 million [$536,193].


  1. women driving?

    I expect shortly to read that these drivers have been attacked with acid, imprisoned by their fathers in a crawl space or beheaded by their little brothers upholding the family 'honor'.


  2. It will be reported here if it happens, ShyAsrai! Count on it.


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